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Eberhard of Béthune

Eberhard of Béthune was a Flemish grammarian of the early thirteenth century, from Arras. He was... more »

Eberhard Schenk

Eberhard Schenk was a German Track and field athlete. Schenk was born in Schneidemühl and became... more »

Eberhard von Brauchitsch

Eberhard von Brauchitsch was a German industrial manager. In his work for Flick KG, he was... more »

Eberhard von Gemmingen

German Jesuit Eberhard von Gemmingen is the head of the editorial board of the German Vatican Radio. more »

Eberhard von Kuenheim

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Eberhard von Kuenheim is a German industrial manager. He was, between 1970 and... more »

Eberhard Wenzel

Eberhard R. Wenzel was a public health researcher, a co-founder of the WWW Virtual Library:... more »

Eberhart Jensen

Eberhart Jensen was a Norwegian astrophysicist. He took his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago... more »

Eberle Thomas

Eberle Thomas was the husband of the late actress Isa Thomas. more »

Eberto Escobedo Lazo

Eberto Escobedo Lazo was a Cuban artist known for painting and his drawings. He was born in... more »

Ebet Kadarusman

Ebet Kadarusman was an Indonesian television and radio presenter and host. He was known to... more »


Ebion was the presumed eponymous founder of an early Christian group known as the Ebionites. The... more »

Eble I of Ventadorn

Eble I was viscount of Ventadour. He married Almodis de Montberon and his children included Eble... more »

Eble IV of Ventadorn

Eble IV was viscount of Ventadour in the 12th century. He was the son of Eble III of Ventadorn... more »

Ebles II of Roucy

Ebles II, also called Eble or Ebale, was the second Count of Roucy of the House of Montdidier... more »

Ebrahim Afshar

Ibrahim Mirza or Ebrahim Shah Afshar was the Shah of Persia during the Afsharid Empire from July... more »

Ebrahim al-Khaldi

Ebrahim al-Khaldi is a Kuwaiti journalist and writer. An employee of the daily Kuwaiti newspaper... more »

Ebrahim Alizadeh

Ebrahim Alizadeh is a communist politician. He is official spokesperson of Komalah who is at the... more »

Ebrahim Desai

Ebrahim Desai is a Deobandi Muslim mufti of Indian origin and a teacher of Islamic law based in... more »

Ebrahim Hussein

Ebrahim Hussein is a Tanzanian writer. His first play, Kinjeketile, written in Swahili is... more »

Ebrahim Pourdavoud

Ebrāhim Pourdāvoud, was born in Rasht, Iran, to a mother who was the daughter of a clergyman and... more »

Ebray Spears

Ebray Spears is the father of American football player Marcus Spears. more »

Eccles James Gott

Eccles James Gott was a Conservative member of the Canadian House of Commons. He was born in... more »

Eccles Shorrock

Eccles Shorrock was born in Clitheroe in 1827. In the Shorrock family, Eccles was the second out... more »

Ecgberht I of Northumbria

Ecgberht was king of Northumbria in the middle of the 9th century. This period of Northumbrian... more »

Ecgberht II of Northumbria

Ecgberht was a king in Northumbria in the later Ninth century. Very little is known of his... more »

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