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Ecgwulf was a medieval Bishop of London. Ecgwulf was consecrated in 745. He died between 766 and... more »

Echecrates of Phlius

Echecrates was a Pythagorean philosopher from the ancient Greek town of Phlius. He appears in... more »

Echu mac Muiredaig

Echu mac Muiredaig was a king of the Uí Cheinnselaig of South Leinster. His father, Muiredach... more »

Echu Tirmcharna

Echu Tirmcharna mac Fergusso was a king of Connacht from the Uí Briúin branch of the Connachta... more »

Eckart Höfling

Eckart Höfling is a German Catholic priest who works combating poverty in Brazil. In 1949 Eckart... more »

Eckart Schütrumpf

Eckart Schütrumpf is a professor of classics at the University of Colorado at Boulder known for... more »

Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach

Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach is the husband of Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern more »

Eckhard Bick

Eckhard Bick is a German-born Esperantist who studied medicine in Bonn but now works as a... more »

Eckhard Christian

Eckhard Christian was a Luftwaffe officer in World War II, and rose to the rank of Generalmajor... more »

Eckhard Martens

Eckhard Martens is a German rower, who competed for the SC Dynamo Berlin/ Sportvereinigung... more »

Eckhard Unger

Eckhard Unger was a German assyriologist. In 1916, as curator of the Archeological Museum of... more »

Eckhart Nickel

Eckhart Nickel is a German author and journalist. Nickel was born in Frankfurt am Main. After... more »

Ecphantus the Pythagorean

Ecphantus or Ecphantos is a shadowy Greek pre-Socratic philosopher. He may not have actually... more »

Ed "Big Ed" Burns

Edward "Big Ed" Burns was an American 19th century confidence man and crime boss. He was born... more »

Ed Ableser

Ed Ableser is a Democratic member of the Arizona Senate representing the 26th district. He used... more »

Ed Acker

Charles Edward Acker is an American businessman who served as CEO of Braniff Airways, Air... more »

Ed Acres

Ed Acres is the mother of American child actress Ursula Acres. more »

Ed Alberian

Ed Alberian was a stage and television actor and entertainer who began his career in... more »

Ed Anger

Ed Anger is a pseudonymous opinion columnist in the Weekly World News, a former U.S. tabloid,... more »

Ed Anker

Eize Willem Anker is a former member of the Dutch House of Representatives for the... more »

Ed Annunziata

Ed Annunziata, also known as E. Ettore Annunziata, is best known for the Ecco the Dolphin... more »

Ed Arent

Ed Arent is the father of Casey Arent. more »

Ed Arno

Ed Arno was a cartoonist, contributing to The New Yorker from 1969 to 2001. His work appeared in... more »

Ed Bacon

The Reverend Ed Bacon is a priest in the Diocese of Los Angeles in the Episcopal Church in the... more »

Ed Bahlman

Ed Bahlman is the American founder of 99 Records, the legendary postpunk label from New York,... more »

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