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Ewald Flügel

Ewald Flügel was one of the international pioneers of the study of Old and Middle English... more »

Ewald Ivanschitz

Ewald Ivanschitz is the father of soccer player Andreas Ivanschitz. more »

Ewald Kleisinger

Dr. Ewald Kleisinger was from 1966, an Austrian Righteous Among the Nations and the husband of... more »

Ewald Marggraff

Mr. Willem Frederik Ewald Marggraff was a controversial wealthy son of a famous family of Dutch... more »

Ewald Osers

Ewald Osers, was a Czech translator born in Austria-Hungary. He was one of the most outstanding... more »

Ewald Rohlfs

Ewald Rohlfs was a test pilot. In 1936 Rohlfs made the first flight of a helicopter, the... more »

Ewald Stefan Pollok

Ewald Stefan Pollok is an amateur historian, author of several books on the subject of... more »

Ewald von Demandowsky

Ewald von Demandowsky held the office of a Nazi German Reichsfilmdramaturg and was head of... more »

Ewan Crawford

Ewan Charles Crawford is an Australian judge and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of... more »

Ewarat Lu Min

Ewarat Lu Min is the son of Lu Min and Khin Sabe Oo. more »

Ewell Clinton Winters

Ewell Clinton Winters is the father of Quevyn Winters. more »

Ewen Henderson

James Ewen Henderson was an English ceramic artist. Born at Cheddleton Hospital in... more »

Ewen Henderson

Ewen Henderson is a multi-instrumentalist folk musician from Fort William in Scotland. more »

Ewen Maclean, 9th Laird of Ardgour

Ewen Maclean, 9th Laird of Ardgour more »

Ewen MacPherson of Cluny

Ewen MacPherson of Cluny, also known as "Cluny Macpherson", was the chief of the Clan Chattan at... more »

Ewen Page

Ewen Page is editor-in-chief of Top Gear Australia magazine and the Top Gear official website... more »

Ewen Ratteray

The Rt Rev Ewen Ratteray was the Bishop of Bermuda. Born on 18 February 1942 and educated at... more »

Ewen Spencer

Ewen Spencer is a Newcastle born photographer of primarily youth and subculture who is based in... more »

Ewen Thomson

Ewen Thomson is a luthier from Shetland specialising in violins, violas and cellos. Ewen grew up... more »

Ewen Whitaker

Ewen A. Whitaker is a British-born astronomer who specialized in Lunar studies. He was an... more »

Ewert Janssen

Ewert Janssen or Evert Janssen was a Danish architect who became a royal masterbuilder in 1668... more »

Ewerton Teixeira

Ewerton Teixeira is a Brazilian professional kyokushin karateka, mixed martial artist and... more »

Ewil Botes

Ewil Botes is the brother of Namibian actor Morne Botes. more »

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield

Ewin Ezekiel Holyfield is the son of Evander Holyfield. more »

Ewonde a Kwane

Ewonde a Kwane was a Duala ruler of the Bonambela/Akwa lineage who lived in Douala on the Wouri... more »

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