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Fabien Frankel

Fabien Frankel is the son of Mark Frankel. more »

Fabien Giroix

Fabien Giroix is a French racing driver from Saint-Maur. more »

Fabien Lévy

Fabien Lévy is a French composer. more »

Fabien Morel

Fabien Morel is a French algebraic geometer and key developer of A¹ homotopy theory with... more »

Fabien Vehlmann

Fabien Vehlmann is a French comics writer best known for Green Manor and Seuls. Yvan Delporte... more »

Fabio Albergati

Fabio Albergati was an Italian diplomat and writer, known for political theory and as a... more »

Fabio Babini

Fabio Babini is a race car driver, born in Faenza, Italy. He competed in the FIA GT Championship... more »

Fabio Badilini

Fabio Badilini is an Italian scientist and business man. He has made major contributions to... more »

Fabio Barraclough

Eduardo Joel Fabio Barraclough is an Anglo-Spanish academic. more »

Fabio Berardi

Fabio Berardi is a Sammarinese politician. He served as a Captain-Regent of San Marino from... more »

Fabio Bianchetti

Fabio Bianchetti is a member of the International Skating Union Technical Committee. He took the... more »

Fábio Borges

Fábio Borges is the son of Antonio Pedro. more »

Fabio Calzavara

Fabio Calzavara is an entrepreneur and Venetian politician, born in Istrana on 21 September... more »

Fabio Cavalli

Fabio Cavalli is a Swiss entrepreneur. Cavalli was born in Intragna, Switzerland. more »

Fabio Cazzato

Fabio Cazzato was the husband of Loredana Lecciso. more »

Fabio Chiellini

Fabio Chiellini is the father of Giorgio Chiellini. more »

Fabio Chizzola

Fabio Chizzola is an Italian fashion & portrait photographer and filmmaker. more »

Fabio Civitelli

Fabio Civitelli is an Italian comic artist best known for illustrating stories for Tex Willer, a... more »

Fabio Corcos

Fabio Corcos is the brother of Gabriele Corcos. more »

Fabio De Souza

Fabio De Souza is the brother of Rodrigo De Souza. more »

Fabio di Celmo

Fabio di Celmo was an Italian entrepreneur, murdered in the 1997 explosion of a bomb planted by... more »

Fábio Dolabella

Fábio Dolabella is the son of Carlos Eduardo Dolabella. more »

Fabio Fernandes

Fabio Fernandes is a Brazilian advertising executive and entrepreneur. He majored in Journalism... more »

Fabio Gava

Fabio Gava is an Italian politician. A member of the Italian Liberal Party since 1967, he joined... more »

Fabio Grobart

Fabio Grobart was born in Bialystok, Poland August 30, 1905; his birth name was Abraham Grobart... more »

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