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Gabriel Dugrès

Gabriel Dugrès was a French Huguenot grammarian. more »

Gabriel Duop Lam

Gabriel Duop Lam is a South Sudanese politician. As of 2011, he was the Minister of Law... more »

Gabriel Durand

Gabriel Durand is the son of singer-actress Dee Dee Bridgewater. more »

Gabriel Écoffey

Gabriel Écoffey is the son of Jean-Philippe Écoffey and Marine Delterme. more »

Gabriel Edholm

Gabriel Edholm is the son of Rafael Edholm and Görel Crona. more »

Gabriel Elijah Simon

Gabriel Elijah Simon is the son of Paul Simon. more »

Gabriel Entcha-Ebia

Gabriel Entcha-Ebia is a Congolese politician. He served in the government of Congo-Brazzaville... more »

Gabriel Esperanssa

Gabriel Esperanssa, also spelled Esperanza or Esperança, was a 17th-century rabbi at Safed. He... more »

Gabriel Evers

Gabriel Evers is one of the two sons of Lauren Greenfield and Frank Evers. more »

Gabriel Favale

Gabriel Norberto Favale is a retired football referee from Argentina. Favale has supervised... more »

Gabriel Fehervari

Gabriel Fehervari is a Belgian businessman and was the CEO of the former Alfacam Group, which... more »

Gabriel Felinto

Gabriel Felinto is the son of Sandra Regina Arantes do Nascimento and Oseás Felinto. more »

Gabriel Ferrer

Gabriel Ferrer is the son of José Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney. more »

Gabriel Fino Noriega

Gabriel Fino Noriega was a Honduran journalist and radio presenter who presented a daily news... more »

Gabriel Flaherty

Gabriel Flaherty is the son of Joe Flaherty. more »

Gabriel Francisco

Gabriel Francisco is the brother of Rafael Francisco. more »

Gabriel Funes

Gabriel Funes Pignato is the son of Mauricio Funes and Vanda Pignado. more »

Gabriel Gavriel

Gabriel Gavriel is the father of Uri Gavriel. more »

Gabriel Gil Álvarez

Gabriel Gil Álvarez is the son of Rafael Gil. more »

Gabriel Gilmour

Gabriel Gilmour is the son of David Gilmour and Polly Samson. more »

Gabriel Givet

Gabriel Givet is the son of Gaël Givet. more »

Gabriel Gonsum Ganaka

Archbishop Gabriel Gonsum Ganaka was the Bishop of Jos, Nigeria. Born 24 May 1937 in Pankshin,... more »

Gabriel González

Efrain Gabriel González Roa is a retired Paraguayan football referee. He is known for having... more »

Gabriel Gracindo

Gabriel Gracindo is an actor more »

Gabriel Gruber

Very Rev. Gabriel Gruber, S.J. was the second Superior General of the Society of Jesus in Russia. more »

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