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Gabriel Mkhumane

Gabriel Mkhumane was a Swazi physician and opposition leader. He was the deputy president of the... more »

Gabriel Montalvo Higuera

Gabriel Montalvo Higuera was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He was an archbishop of the Roman... more »

Gabriel Mora Baeza

Gabriel Mora Baeza is the husband of actress Bibi Andersson. more »

Gabriel Moraga

Gabriel Moraga was a Spanish army officer in the Viceroyalty of New Spain, an Alta California... more »

Gabriel Morrissette

Gabriel Morrissette is an illustrator, animator and comic book artist from Montreal, Canada... more »

Gabriel Mullally

Gabriel Mullaly is the son of Guy Mullally and Maria del Mar. more »

Gabriel Müller

Gabriel Müller is the son of Michael Müller and Fiona Gillies. more »

Gabriel Murr

Gabriel Murr is a Lebanese Politician and is the owner of Murr Television and Mount Lebanon... more »

Gabriel Nassif

Gabriel Nassif is a French professional card player. He is known for his continuous success on... more »

Gabriel Newton

Gabriel Newton was a leading figure of Leicester. Born in Leicester, he was made a councillor in... more »

Gabriel Noradunkyan

Gabriel Efendi Noradunkyan. Ottoman - Armenian statesman and bureaucrat. He served as the... more »

Gabriel of Blaouza

Gabriel II of Blaouza, was the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch from 1704 to his death in 1705. more »

Gabriel of Qartmin

Gabriel of Qartmin was a 7th-century abbot in the famous Syrian Orthodox Christian Qartmin... more »

Gabriel Ortiz

Gabriel Antonio Ortiz Tello is a Mexican race walker who specializes in 20-kilometre races. He... more »

Gabriel Owen

Gabriel Owen is the son of Jemma Redgrave. more »

Gabriel Owen

Gabriel Owen is the son of the presenter Rhodri Owen and the actress Lucy Owen. more »

Gabriel Palermo

Gabriel Palermo is the brother of Martín Palermo. more »

Gabriel Palillo

Gabriel Palillo was the father of actor Ron Palillo. more »

Gabriel Penn Warren

Gabriel Penn Warren was the son of Robert Penn Warren. more »

Gabriel Pessanha

Gabriel Pessanha is the son of actress and writer María Mariana. more »

Gabriel Pigg

Gabriel Pigg is the brother of singer and actor Landon Pigg. more »

Gabriel Pontes

Gabriel Pontes is the son of Patricia França. more »

Gabriel Poraj

Gabriel Poraj is the son of Natasha Little and Bohdan Poraj. more »

Gabriel R. Cappucci

Gabriel R. Cappucci has served as Medcos Senior Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting... more »

Gabriel R. G. Benito

Gabriel Robertstad Garcia Benito is a Norwegian economist, Professor of Strategy and... more »

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