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Gaius Julius Archelaus Antiochus Epiphanes

Gaius Julius Archelaus Antiochus Epiphanes, also known as Julius Archelaus Epiphanes; Epiphanes;... more »

Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was a name used by men of the gens Julia in ancient Rome. It was the full... more »

Gaius Julius Caesar I

Caio Júlio César foi, possivelmente, o nome do bisavô de Júlio César, o ditador. O praenomen... more »

Gaius Julius Cornutus Tertullus

There were two Romans of Senatorial rank with the name Gaius Julius Cornutus Tertullus who lived... more »

Gaius Julius Fabia Sampsiceramus III Silas

Gaius Julius Fabia Sampsiceramus III Silas was a Syrian Prince and Roman Client Priest King of... more »

Gaius Julius Marcus

Gaius Iulius Marcus is the name of one of the early governors of Britannia Inferior, c. 213... more »

Gaius Julius Plancius Varus Cornutus

Gaius Julius Plancius Varus Cornutus was a man of Roman Senatorial rank who lived in the Roman... more »

Gaius Julius Solinus

Gaius Julius Solinus, Latin grammarian and compiler, probably flourished in the early 3rd... more »

Gaius Julius Vercondaridubnus

Gaius Julius Vercondaridubnus was a Gaul of the civitas of the Aedui. He was the first high... more »

Gaius Julius Victor

Gaius Julius Victor was a Roman writer of rhetoric, possibly of Gaulish origin. His extant... more »

Gaius Junius Faustinus Postumianus

Gaius Junius Faustinus Postumianus was a governor of Britannia Superior, a province of Roman... more »

Gaius Livius Drusus

Gaius Livius Marcus Aemiliani Drusus was a Roman politician who was consul in 147 BC, together... more »

Gaius Maenius

Gaius Maenius was a Roman statesman and general who was elected consul in 338 BC and appointed... more »

Gaius Manilius

Gaius Manilius was a Roman tribune of the people in 66 BCE. At the beginning of his year of... more »

Gaius Memmius

Gaius Memmius was a Roman politician and senator who was murdered by Gaius Servilius Glaucia... more »

Gaius Memmius Regulus

Gaius Memmius Regulus was a Roman consul that lived in the 1st century in the Roman Empire. more »

Gaius of Ephesus

Gaius of Ephesus is numbered among the Seventy Disciples. He was Bishop of Ephesus. The Church... more »

Gaius Papius Mutilus

Gaius Papius Mutilus was a Samnite noble who is best known for being the leader of the southern... more »

Gaius Petronius

Gaius Petronius or Publius Petronius was the 2nd and then 4th Prefect of Roman Aegyptus. more »

Gaius Plancius Varus

Gaius Plancius Varus was a Roman who lived between the 1st century and 2nd century in the Roman... more »

Gaius Pomponius Graecinus

Gaius Pomponius Graecinus was a Roman politician who was suffect consul in 16. He was probably a... more »

Gaius Porcius Cato

Gaius Porcius Cato, was son of Marcus Porcius Cato Licinianus. Gaius was consul 114 BC, obtained... more »

Gaius S. Turner

Gaius Samuel Turner was a businessman and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada. He... more »

Gaius Septicius Clarus

Gaius Septicius Clarus, was a prefect of the Roman imperial bodyguard, known as the Praetorian... more »

Gaius Servilius Vatia

Gaius Servilius Vatia was a Praetor in 114 BC. He married Caecilia Metella, born c. 170 BC,... more »

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