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Gyula Elek

Gyula Elek was a Hungarian handball player, coach and an iconic figure of Ferencvárosi... more »

Gyula Germanus

Gyula Germanus, alias Julius Abdulkerim Germanus, was a professor of oriental studies, a... more »

Gyula Haklar

Gyula Haklar is the brother of Dezso Haklar. more »

Gyula Hegyi

Gyula Hegyi is a Hungarian politician and a former Member of the European Parliament for the... more »

Gyula II

Gyula II was a Hungarian tribal leader in the middle of the 10th century. He visited... more »

Gyula Juhász

Juhász Gyula was a Hungarian sculptor and medallist. Juhász was born in Eger, in northern... more »

Gyula Kosice

Gyula Kosice, born Fernando Fallik in Košice is a naturalized Argentine sculptor, plastic... more »

Gyula Makovetz

Gyula Makovetz was a Hungarian journalist and chess player. He edited the chess magazine... more »

Gyula Marsovszky

Gyula Marsovszky was a Swiss Grand Prix motorcycle road racer of Hungarian descent. His best... more »

Gyula Németh

Gyula Németh is a retired Hungarian high jumper. He finished fourteenth at the 1983 European... more »

Gyula Pálóczi

Gyula Pálóczi was a Hungarian athlete who specialized in the long jump and triple jump. He won... more »

Gyula Sáringer

Gyula Sáringer was a Hungarian agronomist and entomologist. He was a member of the Hungarian... more »

Gyula Szepesy

Gyula Szepesy Hungarian descriptive linguist. more »

Gyula Takátsy

Gyula Takátsy, was a Hungarian medical doctor, microbiologist and inventor. In 1938 he graduated... more »

Gyula Vályi

Gyula Vályi was a Hungarian mathematician and theoretical physicist, a member of the Hungarian... more »

Gyula Vikidál

Gyula Vikidál is a Hungarian singer. He was born on Jan 25, 1948. He started his career early as... more »

Gyuri Sarossy

Gyuri Sarossy is an actor. He was born in England to Anglo-Hungarian parents. He has appeared in... more »

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