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Gaafar ibn al-Zubayr

Gaafar ibn al-Zubayr was the son of Zubayr ibn al-Awam. more »


Gaal is a minor 12th century BCE biblical character, introduced in the 9th chapter of Judges in... more »

Gaaman Gazon

Gaanman or Granman Gazon Matodja was the chief or headman of the Aukan or Ndyuka people of... more »

Gabal ibn Amr Ibn Aws

Gabal ibn Amr Ibn Aws was the father of Muadh ibn Jabal. more »

Gabby Chaves

Gabriel "Gabby" Chaves is a Colombian-American racecar driver. Chaves' father is an American... more »

Gabby Gibbs

Gabby Gibbs is the son of Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga. more »

Gabdulkhay Akhatov

Gabdulkhay Khuramovich Akhatov was a Soviet Tatar linguist and an organizer of science and then... more »

Gabe Alberro

Gabriel Alberro is an American underground artist, writer, songwriter, and filmmaker. He was... more »

Gabe Bumatai

Gabe Bumatai is the brother of Ray Bumatai. more »

Gabe Curphey

Gabe Curphey is the son of Mark Curphey. more »

Gabe Davis

Gabe Davis is the brother of Josh Davis. more »

Gabe Higgins

Gabe Higgins is the son of David Anthony Higgins and Julia Higgins. more »

Gabe Horchler

Gabe Horchler is the father of actress Gabrielle Christian. more »

Gabe Knight

Gabriel Knight, usually referred to simply as Gabe on his shows, was an English radio DJ and... more »

Gabe Leland

Gabriel Leland is a Democratic politician from the state of Michigan. In 2004, Leland was... more »

Gabe Loeffelholz

Gabe Loeffelholz is an American Republican politician from Wisconsin Born in the town of Paris,... more »

Gabe McDonough

[[Image:|thumb|right|Gabe McDonough, Vice President Music Director, Leo Burnett USA.]] Gabe... more »

Gabe Meyer

Gabe Meyer is the son of Stephenie Meyer. more »

Gabe Randall

Gabe Randall is the brother of actress Lexi Randall. more »

Gabe Rogers

Gabe Rogers is the father of Gabe Rogers. more »

Gabe Tchividjian

Gabe Tchividjian is the son of Tullian Tchividjian more »

Gabe Twining

Gabe Twining is the brother of Matthew Twining. more »

Gabe Weeks

Gabe Weeks is the son of Sarah Weeks. more »

Gabes Shihepo

Gabriel "Gabes" Shihepo was a Namibian politician. From 1999 to 2008, he was a Member of... more »

Gabi Tolkowsky

Gabriel S. "Gabi" Tolkowsky is one of the world's most renowned diamond cutters, the sixth... more »

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