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Gabriel Arellano Espinoza

Gabriel Arellano Espinoza was born in Aguascalientes, in 1962. His parents are Mr. Gabriel... more »

Gabriel Bacovia

Gabriel Bacovia was the son of George Bacovia and Agatha Grigorescu. more »

Gabriel Barletta

Gabriel Barletta or Gabriele da Barletta was a Catholic preacher of the Dominican Order, whose... more »

Gabriel Barra

Gabriel Barra is the son of Concetta Barra. more »

Gabriel Barreto

Gabriel Barreto is the son of actress Amy Irving. more »

Gabriel Benoist

Gabriel Benoist was a French writer in the Cauchois dialect of the Norman language. He is best... more »

Gabriel Bernard Bonnin Llora

Gabriel Bernard Bonnin Llora was the son of Bernard Bonnin. more »

Gabriel Bien-Aimé

Gabriel Bien-Aimé was a former Minister of National Education of Haiti. He was born in... more »

Gabriel Bilton

Gabriel Bilton is the son of Lisa Barbuscia and Anton Bilton. more »

Gabriel Birnbaum

Gabriel Birnbaum is the nephiew of David Duchovny. more »

Gabriel Blanco

Gabriel Blanco is a film producer. more »

Gabriel Bokilo

Gabriel Bokilo was a Congolese politician and the President of the Union for National Redress. more »

Gabriel Borges

Gabriel Borges is the son of Humberlito Borges Teixeira. more »

Gabriel Bouret

Gabriel Pierre Marie Bouret was a French painter born in Paris. He apprenticed with... more »

Gabriel Bouvery

Gabriel Bouvery was a French bishop of Angers, successor to Jean V Olivier who died 12 April 1540. more »

Gabriel Boyle

Gabriel Boyle is the son of Danny Boyle. more »

Gabriel Bracho

Gabriel Bracho was a Venezuelan artist born in Los Puertos de Altagracia, Zulia on 25 May 1915... more »

Gabriel Briard

Gabriel Briard was a landscape and portrait painter of some grace and facility of hand, the... more »

Gabriel Brizard

Gabriel Brizard often known as Abbé Brizard, and sometimes by the pen-name Gallophile, was a... more »

Gabriel Brühl

Gabriel Brühl was a well-known robber in the then Duchy of Limburg, whose criminal career... more »

Gabriel Bryan Dattilo

Gabriel Bryan Dattilo is the son of Bryan Dattilo. more »

Gabriel Cadis

Gabriel Cadis headed the Orthodox Church Association in Jaffa, Israel. He served as a senior... more »

Gabriel Caldwell Wharton

Gabriel Caldwell Wharton was born in Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky, 13 June 1839 and... more »

Gabriel Camargo

Gabriel Camargo is the son of Felipe Camargo. more »

Gabriel Campillo

Gabriel Campillo is a professional boxer from Spain. He resides in Madrid, Spain. His nickname... more »

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