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Hafid Bouazza

Hafid Bouazza is a Moroccan-Dutch writer. Bouazza came to the Netherlands in October 1977 as a... more »

Hafiz Abdul Basit

Hafiz Abdul Basit is a citizen of Pakistan who is believed to have been detained on suspicion of... more »

Hafiz Ahmed Khan

Hafiz Ahmed Khan is the father of Habib Tanvir. more »

Hafiz Akif Saeed

Hafiz Akif Saeed, the present Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami is the second son of the renowned... more »

Hafiz Gul Bahadur

Hafiz Gul Bahadur is the leader of a Pakistani Taliban faction based in North Waziristan. Upon... more »

Hafiz Liaqat Manzoor

Hafiz Liaqat Manzoor is a citizen of Pakistan who was held in extrajudicial detention in the... more »

Hafız Mehmed Eşref Efendi

Hafız Mehmed Eşref Efendi was the father of Mithat Paşa. more »

Hâfiz Osman

Hâfiz Osman was an Ottoman calligrapher. more »

Hafız Post

Hafız Post was a composer and performer of Turkish music during Ottoman Empire era in İstanbul. more »

Hafizullah Khaled

Hafizullah Khaled is an Afghan Austrian humanitarian, Peace activist, writer and founder of the... more »

Hagai Amir

Hagai Amir is the brother and accomplice of Yigal Amir, the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin, who is... more »

Hagai Zamir

Hagai Zamir is an Israeli paralympic champion. Zamir was born in 1951 in Kibbutz Zikim and... more »


Hagano was a petty nobleman who achieved influence in Lotharingia and West Francia during the... more »

Hagbard Jonassen

Hagbard Jonassen was a Danish botanist, quaternary geologist, war resister and nuclear... more »

Hagen von Ortloff

Hagen von Ortloff is a German TV presenter. more »


Ahmed Haggagovic is an Egyptian Globe Trotter, Peace Activist and an inspiration for world... more »

Haggai Erlich

Haggai Erlich is professor emeritus at Tel Aviv University and an academic adviser at the Open... more »

Hagi Ben-Artzi

Hagi Ben-Artzi is the brother of Sara Netanyahu. more »

Hagin ben Moses

Hagin ben Moses or Hagin filus Mossy was Presbyter Judaeorum or chief rabbi of the Jews of... more »

Hago Harrington

Leland Kitteridge "Hago" Harrington is a retired American professional ice hockey forward who... more »

Hagop Barsoumian

Hagop Barsoumian. He was an Armenian scholar who concentrated on Armenology, in particular... more »

Hagop S. Akiskal

Hagop Souren Akiskal is an Armenian-American psychiatrist best known for his research on... more »

Hagop Sandaldjian

Hagop Sandaldjian was an Egyptian-born Armenian American musician and microminiature sculptor,... more »

Haho of Maui

Haho was an ancient Hawaiian High Chief, who was a Moʻi of Maui. He is mentioned in legends and... more »

Hai Deng

Venerable Hai Deng was a Buddhist monk, martial artist and 32nd abbot of Shaolin Temple during... more »

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