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Haji Mammadov

Haji Mammadov is a former officer of Crime Investigation Department of Interior Ministry of... more »

Haji Mohammad Danesh

Haji Mohammad Danesh was a Bangladeshi politician and communist activist. more »

Haji Muhammad Qadiri

Haji muhammad Qadiri was a Punjabi poet of southern Punjab. He wrote a poetic book on Sasi Ponu,... more »

Haji Muhammad Safoori

Haji Muhammad Safoori was a Punjabi poet from southern Punjab. He wrote a poetic book on Sasi... more »

Haji Sahib of Turangzai

Haji Sahib of Turangzai was a Pashtun freedom fighter and social worker in the late 19th century... more »

Haji Sultan

Hadi Sultan is an alleged Taliban leader, captured on June 5, 2006. Sultan was captured with... more »

Haji-Mirza Hassan Roshdieh

Haji Mirza Hassan Tabrizi, famously known as Hassan Roshdieh, was an Iranian cleric, teacher,... more »

Hajiakbar Abdulghupur

Hajiakbar Abdulghupur is a citizen of China, currently held in the United States Guantanamo Bay... more »

Hajib Shakarbar

Hazrat Hajib Shakarbar was born as the younger of the two sons of Hazrat Shams TabriziHazrat... more »

Hajibaba Huseynov

Hajibaba Huseynov is a famous Azeri mugham singers and teacher. He received the title of... more »

Hajime Kazumi

Hajime Kazumi is one of Kyokushin's most successful knockdown karate fighters and an instructor... more »

Hajime Kiso

Hajime Kiso is a Japanese rugby union player, he plays Number 8. He plays for Yamaha Jubilo and... more »

Hajime Matsumoto

Hajime Matsumoto is a Japanese activist, and owner of a second hand goods shop in Koenji, Tokyo. more »

Hajime Nakamura

Hajime Nakamura was a Japanese academic of Vedic, Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. more »

Hajime Ohara

Hajime Ohara is a Japanese professional wrestler. Ohara worked for Consejo Mundial de Lucha... more »

Hajime Toyoshima

Sergeant Hajime Toyoshima was a Japanese airman in World War II. His A6M Zero was the first of... more »

Hajime Yasunaga

Yasunaga Hajime, was the strongest and most famous amateur Go player of the 20th century in... more »

Hajji Ahmed

Hacı Ahmet was a purported Muslim cartographer linked to a 16th-century map of the world. Ahmet... more »

Hajji Jalil

Hajji Jalil is a village in Shurab-e Tangazi Rural District, in the Central District of Kuhrang... more »

Hajo Meyer

Hajo Meyer is a German-Dutch physicist and Jewish political activist. Born in Bielefeld, in 1938... more »

Hajredin Cakrani

Hajredin Cakrani was a 19th-century Albanian politician. He was one of the signatories of the... more »

Hajriz Meleqi

Hajriz Meleqi, is a professor of geography, and former president of the UN-appointed... more »

Hakam Singh

Hakam Singh is a former Indian athlete who won the gold medal at the 1978 Asian Games in 20... more »

Håkan Adolfsson

Håkan Adolfsson is a Swedish bandy player who currently plays for Vetlanda BK as a... more »

Hakan Anaz

Hakan Anaz is an Australian football referee of Turkish descent. He is also an accountant. Anaz... more »

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