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Hakeem Trawick

Hakeem Trawick is the father of basketball player Jabril Trawick. more »

Hakham Bashi

Hakham Bashi is the Turkish name for the Chief Rabbi of the nation's Jewish community. In the... more »

Hakim Abdul Aziz

Hakim Abdul Aziz was a prominent Unani physician from colonial India. He energetically tried to... more »

Hakim al-Nishaburi

Abu Abd-Allah Muhammad ibn Abd-Allah al-Hakim al-Nishaburi, and also known as Ibn Al-Baiyi. was... more »

Hakim al-Zamili

Hakim Abbas Mousa Abbas al-Zamili is an Iraqi politician from the Sadrist Movement who was... more »

Hakim Hammad Usmani

Hakim Hammad Usmani is said to have been the foremost hakim and scholar of Unani medical science... more »

Hakim ibn Hizam

Hakīm ibn Hizām is the principal narrator of a hadith that has become very important is the... more »

Hakim Syed Atiqul Qadir

Hafiz Hakim Syed Atiqul Qadir was a noted Unani Physician from Tijara and Bhopal. more »

Hakim Syed Fazlur Rahman

Hakim Syed Fazlur Rahman was a noted Unani physician from Tijara and Bhopal. more »

Hakim Syed Karam Husain

Hakim Syed Muhammad Karam Hussain was a prominent Unani practitioner from Tijara, Alwar. more »

Hakim Toumi

Hakim Toumi is a retired male hammer thrower from Algeria. Toumi twice represented his native... more »

Hakim Yahiaoui

Hakim Yahiaoui is a Paralympian athlete from Algeria competing mainly in category F13 discus... more »

Hakkı Atun

Hakkı Atun is a former prime minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He held this... more »

Hakkı Bey

Hakkı Bey was the father of Cengiz Topal. more »

Hakki Subentekin

Hakki Subentekin is a filmmaker and producer. more »

Hakkies Husselman

Dawid Husselman, better known as Hakkies Husselman, is a Namibian rugby union former... more »

Håkon Haugli

Håkon Haugli is a Norwegian jurist, administrator and politician for the Labour Party. He is a... more »

Hakon Haugnes

Hakon Haugnes is one of the founders of the .name top-level domain and is currently the... more »

Håkon Jacobsen

Håkon Jacobsen is a Norwegian engineer and executive officer. Since 2008 he has been CEO of Blom. more »

Hakon Lunde

Hakon Lunde was a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party. He was born in Kristiania as a... more »

Håkon Lundenes

Håkon Lundenes is a former Norwegian ice hockey player. He was born in Oslo and played for the... more »

Håkon Løken

Håkon Løken was a Norwegian jurist, journalist, newspaper editor and non-fiction writer. He was... more »

Håkon Mjøen

Håkon Mjøen is a Norwegian alpine skier. He was born in Oppdal. He participated at the 1968... more »

Hakon Sunnivasson

Hakon Sunnivasson was a Danish nobleman and the father of Eric III of Denmark. Hakon was the son... more »

Håkon Wexelsen Freihow

Håkon Wexelsen Freihow is a Norwegian diplomat. He graduated in political science from the... more »

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