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H.L.Gokhale is the sitting judge of the Supreme Court of India. He was a chief justice of Madras... more »

H.R. Crawford

H.R. Crawford is a real estate developer and former Democratic politician in Washington, D.C. He... more »

H.V. Van Dusen

H.V. Van Dusen was the postmaster of Los Angeles, California, in the 1890s and a member of the... more »

Ha Chanseok

Ha Chanseok was a professional Go player. more »

HA Khan

HA Khan was an Indian cricketer who played for Gujarat. Khan made a single first-class... more »

Ha Kwong-Tai

Ha Kwong-Tai is the father of Yuen Biao. more »

Ha Tae-Yeon

Ha Tae-Yeon is a retired South Korean wrestler. In 2004, Ha retired from competitive wrestling... more »

Ha Yu

Pen Yu, better known by his stage name Ha Yu, is a Hong Kong actor who has been working on the... more »


Haʻae was a High Chief of the island of Hawaiʻi. more »

Haagen Ringnes

Haagen Ringnes was a Norwegian television journalist and non-fiction writer. He worked for the... more »

Haakon Arntzen

Haakon Arntzen is a Canadian politician. He represented the electoral district of Copperbelt in... more »

Haakon Baardsøn Hjelde

Haakon Baardsøn Hjelde is a Norwegian diplomat. He was born in Oslo, and is a cand.jur. by... more »

Haakon Bugge Mahrt

Haakon Bugge Mahrt was a Norwegian writer and attaché. He was born in Vardø and took the... more »

Haakon Hauan

Haakon Hauan was a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party. He was Minister of Industrial... more »

Haakon Lorentzen

Haakon Lorentzen is the son of Norwegian businessman Erling Sven Lorentzen and Princess Ragnhild... more »

Haakon Martin Evjenth

Haakon Martin Evjenth was a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party. He was Minister of... more »

Haakon Paulsson

Haakon Paulsson was a Norwegian Jarl and jointly ruled the Earldom of Orkney with his cousin... more »

Haakon Ringdal

Haakon Ringdal is a Norwegian businessman, since 2009 CEO of Odfjell. He worked for Jo Tankers... more »

Haakon Sandborg

Haakon Sandborg is a Norwegian businessperson. He graduated from Norwegian School of Economics... more »

Haakon Sandvold

Haakon Sandvold was a Norwegian engineer and businessman. He was born in Bergen, and graduated... more »

Haan Lee

Haan Lee is the son of Ang Lee. more »


Haapi, also Haip and Ha'ip was a commissioner of the 1350-1335 BC Amarna letters correspondence... more »

Habab ibn Mundhir

Al-Hubab ibn al-Mundhir ibn Zayd was one of the prominent Sahaba and Ansar from the Khazraj... more »

Habakkuk Awich

Habakkuk Awich is the father of Joel Awich. more »

Habbie Simpson

Habbie Simpson was the town piper in the Scottish village of Kilbarchan in Renfrewshire. Today... more »

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