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Habeeb Salloum

Habeeb Salloum is a prominent Arab-Canadian freelance writer. Habeeb centers his writings on... more »

Habi Mahamadou Salissou

Habi Mahamadou Salissou is a Nigerien politician and a former Secretary-General of the... more »

Habib Abdulrab Sarori

Habib Abdulrab Sarori is a Yemeni computer scientist and novelist. He was born in Aden and... more »

Habib Ahmadzadeh

Habib Ahmadzadeh is an Iranian author. He is a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War, whose military... more »

Habib Elghanian

Habib Elghanian was a prominent Iranian Jewish businessman and philanthropist who served as the... more »

Habib Fida Ali

Habib Fida Ali is one of Pakistan's most prominent architects, working in the modernist... more »

Habib ibn Abi Obeida al-Fihri

Habib ibn Abi Obeida al-Fihri was an Arab military commander of the illustrious Fihrid family... more »

Habib ibn Muzahir

Habīb ibn Muzāhir al-Asadi was of the Banu Asad clan, one of the companions of Muhammad who was... more »

Habib ibn Zayd al-Ansari

Habib ibn Zayd al-Ansari was a sahaba and martyr of Islam. more »

Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola

Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola was the first High Commissioner to the UK for Pakistan. more »

Habib Jalib Baloch

Habib Jalib Baloch was a Baloch nationalist politician who had served as a member of the Senate... more »

Habib Kashani

Habib Kashani is an Iranian politician and businessman. He is a member of City Council of Tehran... more »

Habib Levy

Dr. Habib Levy is the author of the Comprehensive History of the Jews of Iran: The Outset of the... more »

Habib Mangal

Habib Mangal is an Afghan citizen who was a candidate in Afghanistan's 2009 Presidential elections. more »

Habib Miyan

Habib Miyan, of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India, claimed to have lived to 140 years of age - if true,... more »

Habib Nafisi

Habib Nafisi is the founder of Tehran Polytechnic. He founded it in 1958 with 5 engineering... more »

Habib Nikpah

Habib Nikpah is an athlete. more »

Habib Rahiab

Habib Rahiab is a human rights lawyer. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2007. He has been... more »

Habib Sadek

Habib Sadek is a former member of the Lebanese parliament, as well as a poet and writer. He is... more »

Habib Salih

Habib Salih or Salih bin Alawi Jamal al-Layl was an Islamic scholar and saint who resided in... more »

Habib Selmi

Habib Selmi is a Tunisian novelist and short story writer. He was born in Al-Ala near the... more »

Habib Sy

Habib Sy is a Senegalese politician, currently serving as Director of the Cabinet of the... more »

Habib Wahb Al-Aslamy

Habib Wahb Al-Aslamy was the son of Nusaybah bint Ka'ab. more »

Habibollah Bitaraf

Habibolah Bitaraf was Energy Minister of Iran for 8 years during the Mohammad Khatami... more »

Habibollah Latifi

Habibollah Latifi is a Kurdish Iranian law student at Azad University and a Kurdish activist who... more »

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