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Lamoral, Freiherr von Taxis di Bordogna e Valnigra

Lamoral, Freiherr von Taxis di Bordogna e Valnigra was the husband of Princess Teresa Cristina... more »

Lamour Desrances

Lamour Desrances was a Haitian revolutionary leader. A former maroon, he was born in Africa and... more »

Lamouri Rahmouni

Lamouri Rahmouni is a paralympic athlete from France competing mainly in category T37 sprint... more »


Lampius was bishop of Barcelona from 393 to 400 AD. He is best remembered for being responsible... more »


Lamprias was Plutarch's grandfather as he attested in Moralia, and in his Life of Antony... more »


Lamrim is a Tibetan Buddhist textual form for presenting the stages in the complete path to... more »

Lamu Gatusa

Lamu Gatusa is an associate professor at the Yunan Academy of Social Sciences, in Kunming,... more »

Lamyr Nguélé

Lamyr Nguélé is a Congolese politician. He served in the government of Congo-Brazzaville as... more »

Lan Fu

Lan Fu is a former deputy mayor of Xiamen Municipality, China. He was convicted in 2000 on... more »

Lan Zhixue

Lan Zhixue is a Chinese human rights lawyer and activist who co-founded the Institute of... more »

Lanardo Lacy

Lanardo Lacy is the father of basketball player Davonté Lacy. more »

Lance Arca Inosanto

Lance Arca Inosanto is the son of Dan Inosanto. more »

Lance B. Wickman

Lance Bradley Wickman has been a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day... more »

Lance Batchelor

Lance Batchelor is CEO of Domino's Pizza Group plc. He became CEO on 26 December 2011, having... more »

Lance Blomgren

Lance Blomgren is a Canadian writer who is known for his published fiction and essays. He grew... more »

Lance Brisbane

Sir Hugh Lancelot Brisbane was a prominent Western Australian industrialist and businessman. more »

Lance Brisson

Lance Brisson was the son of Frederick Brisson. more »

Lance Bruggeman

Lance Bruggeman is married to Megan Glaros. more »

Lance Cross

Sir Cecil Lancelot Stewart "Lance" Cross, CBE, was the eighth member of the International... more »

Lance Curtis

Lance Charles Curtis was a popular Australian actor, writer and comedian who became well known... more »

Lance Curtis Richardson

Lance Richardson is a magician and illusion designer. He has written and produced over four... more »

Lance Dann

Lance Dann is an English sound artist, radio producer and writer working for international... more »

Lance Dreher

Lance Dreher is a two-time Mr. Universe and former Mr. America. Dreher was born in Chicago,... more »

Lance Eagle

Lance Eagle is the brother of Flint Eagle. more »

Lance Evans

Lance Evans is the brother of mixed martial artist Rashad Evans. more »

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