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Lynn Schooler

Lynn Schooler is the author of 'The Blue Bear,' 'The Last Shot' and 'Walking Home.' He has lived... more »

Lynn Slaby

Lynn Slaby is a Republican politician who served as a member of the Ohio House of... more »

Lynn Stiles

Lynn Stiles is a former American football player, coach, and executive. He served as the head... more »

Lynn Strickland

Lynn Strickland is the father of Gail Strickland. more »

Lynn Wardle

Lynn D. Wardle is Bruce C. Hafen Professor of Law at the J. Reuben Clark Law School of Brigham... more »

Lynott Lord Cassidy

Lynott Lord Cassidy is the son of Stephen Lord and Elaine Cassidy. more »

Lynwood Drake

Lynwood Crumpler Drake III was an American actor and spree killer who killed six people and... more »

Lyon Cohen

Lyon Cohen was a Polish-born Canadian businessman and a philanthropist. more »

Lyor Cohen

Lyor Cohen is an American music industry executive, and until September 2012, he was the North... more »

Lyric Durdin

Lyric Durdin is the son of Gary Dourdan. more »

Lyric Lennon Parker-Angel

Lyric Lennon Parker-Angel is the son of Tiffany Lynn Rowe and Ashley Parker Angel. more »

Lyrik London

Lyrik London is the son of Jeremy London and Melissa Cunningham. more »


Lysanias was the ruler of a small realm on the western slopes of Mount Hermon, attested to by... more »

Lysias Anicetus

Lysias Anicetus was an Indo-Greek king. more »


Lysimachus also known as Lysimachus Junior was a Greek Prince from Asia Minor who was of... more »

Lysimachus of Acarnania

Lysimachus of Acarnania was one of the tutors of Alexander the Great. Though a man of very... more »

Lysimachus of Egypt

Lysimachus was a son of king Ptolemy Philadelphus by Arsinoe, the daughter of Lysimachus, king... more »

Lysimachus of Telmessos

Lysimachus of Telmessos, also known as Lysimachus II was a Greek Prince from Asia Minor who... more »

Lysippides Painter

The Lysippides Painter was an Attic vase painter in the black-figure style. He was active around... more »


Lysippos was a Greek sculptor of the 4th century BCE. Together with Scopas and Praxiteles, he is... more »


Lysistratus was a Greek sculptor of the 4th century BC, brother of Lysippus of Sicyon. We are... more »

Lyttleton Morgan

Reverend Lyttleton Morgan was the first chairman of the board of trustees of Morgan State... more »

Lytton Ament

Lytton Ament was the husband of actress Lucy Cotton. more »


Lyxes was the father of Herodotus. more »

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