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La Sombra

La Sombra is a Mexican luchador enmascarado. La Sombra's real name is not a matter of public... more »


Laʻibum was an Akkadian man. He is mentioned once in the Sumerian Sargon legend as the father of... more »

Laauli Leuatea Polataivao

Laauli Leuatea Polataivao is a Samoan politician and Deputy Speaker of the Samoan Parliament. He... more »


Laban is the son of Bethuel, brother of Rebekah as described in the Book of Genesis. As such he... more »

Laban Chege

Laban Chege is a Kenyan athlete who specialises in middle and long distance running. He finished... more »

Laban Coblentz

Laban L. Coblentz is a writer, educator, science policy adviser, international civil servant,... more »

Labarna I

Labarna I was the traditional first King of the Hittites, ca. the early 16th century BC. He was... more »


Labashi-Marduk, was king of Babylon, and son of Neriglissar. Labashi-Marduk succeeded his father... more »


Labaya was a Habiru, possibly Canaanite, warlord who lived contemporaneously with Pharaoh... more »

Labh Singh Saini

Sardar Labh Singh Saini, Akali politician and notable freedom fighter, was born in 1895 and was... more »

Labhshankarbhai Bhatt

Labhshankarbhai Bhatt is the brother of Vijay Bhatt. more »

Labib Al-Gammal

Labib Al-Gammal is the brother of the late Refaat Al-Gammal. more »

Labros Konstadaras

Labros Konstadaras is the son of Dimitris Konstadaras and grandson of Labros Konstadaras. more »


Lacedaemonius was an Athenian general, the son of Cimon of the Philaid clan. Like his father and... more »

Lachan K'awiil Ajaw Bot

Lachan K'awiil Ajaw Bot was a Maya king of La Amelia, an ancient city near Itzan in the Petén... more »

Lachhu Maharaj

Pandit Lachhu Maharaj was an Indian classical dancer and choreographer of Kathak. He came from a... more »

Lachit Bordoloi

Lachit Bordoloi is a journalist and adviser to MASS, a non-profit human rights organization in... more »

Lachlan Bronneach Maclean

Lachlan Bronnach MacLean, was the 7th Chief of Clan MacLean. more »

Lachlan Cattanach Maclean, 11th Chief

Lachlan Catanach Maclean was the 11th Clan Chief of Clan MacLean from 1515 until his murder in 1523. more »

Lachlan Lubanach Maclean

Lachlan Lubanach Maclean of Duart was the 5th Chief of Clan Maclean. He was the first Maclean to... more »

Lachlan McLean

Lachlan McLean has been host of "SportsTalk84" on WHAS-AM radio in Louisville, Kentucky since... more »

Lachlan Og Maclean

Lachlan Óg Maclean, was the 8th Chief of Maclean. more »

Lachlan Soukup

Lachlan Soukup is the brother of Declan Soukup. more »

Lachlan Wareham

Lachlan Wareham is the step-brother of Luke Rounds. more »


According to the Book of Mormon, Lachoneus was the chief judge of the Nephites during the time... more »

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