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Lack, is, in Lacan's psychoanalytic philosophy, is a concept that is always related to desire... more »

Ladarious Canty

Ladarious Canty is the brother of basketball player Jay Canty. more »

Ladd Herzeg

Ladd Herzeg was general manager of the Houston Oilers in the 1970s and 1980s, under ownership of... more »

Ladd Kreuer

Ladd Kreuer is the father of Isaac Kreuer. more »

Laden bin Laden

Laden bin Laden is the son of Osama bin Laden. more »

Ladi Kwali

Ladi Kwali was a Nigerian potter. She was born in the village of Kwali in the Gwari region of... more »

Ladimir Kwiatkowski

Ladimir Kwiatkowski was better known as Ladmo on The Wallace and Ladmo Show, a daily children's... more »

Ladislao Martinez

Ladislao Martinez a.k.a. "El Maestro Ladi", was a master cuatro musician. He became the first... more »

Ladislas Ntaganzwa

Ladislas Ntaganzwa is a Rwandan fugitive war criminal wanted for his role in the 1994 Rwandan... more »

Ladislav Čáni

Ladislav Čáni is a Slovak slalom canoer who competed in the 1990s. He won a bronze medal in the... more »

Ladislav Hejdánek

Ladislav Hejdánek is a Czech philosopher and a proponent of Charter 77. He was born in Prague... more »

Ladislav Holý

Ladislav Holý was a Czech anthropologist and Africanist of the British school of social... more »

Ladislav Jasek

Ladislav Jasek is the father of Richard Jasek. more »

Ladislav Kopřiva

Ladislav Kopřiva was a Czechoslovak communist during the era of Gottwald, after the Communist... more »

Ladislav Kralj

Ladislav Kralj-Međimurec was a Croatian painter and engraver. In the history of Croatian... more »

Ladislav Mucina

Ladislav Mucina is an influential vegetation scientist and Professor of Environmental and... more »

Ladislav Rott

Ladislav Rott is one of the sons and eight children of Vincenc Josef Rott, founder of the V. J... more »

Ladislav Tauc

Ladislav Tauc was born in Pardubice, Czechoslovakia. He was a French neuroscientist, and a... more »

Ladislav Zívr

Ladislav Zívr was an important Czech sculptor of the 20th century. Zívr was born in Nová Paka... more »

Lado Davidov

Lado Shirinshayevich Davidov - soviet soldier during the Second World War. more »

Ladonn Kirksey

Ladonn Kirksey is one of the siblings of Nelson Kirksey. more »


Laerte Coutinho, known simply by his first name, Laerte, is a Brazilian cartoonist, who draws... more »

Lafayette G. Pool

Lafayette G. Pool was an American tank-crew and tank-platoon commander in World War II and is... more »

Lafayette Head

Lafayette Head was the first Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, serving from 1876 to 1879 under... more »

Lafayette M. Sturdevant

Lafayette Monroe Sturdevant was a Wisconsin lawyer and politician. Born in Chandlers Valley,... more »

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