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Lafe Solomon

Lafe E. Solomon was named the National Labor Relations Board's Acting General Counsel on June... more »

Lafif Lakhdar

Lafif Lakhdar was a French-Tunisian writer and journalist. He was born the 6th of February 1934... more »

Lafontaine Bellot

Lafontaine Bellot was Governor of Plaisance, Newfoundland from 1664 to 1667. Bellot was in... more »


Lagelu, Oro a pata maja, was the founder of Ibadan. A military legend and Yoruba's generalisimo... more »


Lagus from Eordaea was the father, or reputed father, of Ptolemy, the founder of the Ptolemaic... more »

Lahcen Ikassrien

Lahcen Ikassrien is a citizen of Morocco who was held in extrajudicial detention in the United... more »

Lahmell Murphy

Lahmell Murphy is the brother of Tymell Murphy. more »

Lahoussine Mrikik

Lahoussine Mrikik is a retired Moroccan long-distance runner who specialized in the marathon. He... more »

Lahur Gul

Lahur Gul is a citizen of Afghanistan held in extrajudicial detention in the United States'... more »

Lai Choy Heng

Lai Choy Heng is Professor of Physics and Executive Vice-President, Yale-NUS College, formerly... more »

Lai In-jaw

Lai In-jaw is a politician in the Republic of China. He was the former President of the Judicial... more »

Lai Kui Fang

Dr Lai Kui Fang is a Singaporean artist who studied on a French Government scholarship at the... more »

Lai Xinsheng

Lai Xinsheng is the father of Leon Lai. more »

Laid Saidi

Laid Saidi is an Algerian who has claimed that he was imprisoned, for several years, in a CIA... more »

Laidulf of Capua

Laidulf was a son, probably the youngest or second youngest, of Pandulf Ironhead. He probably... more »

Laika Luknar

Lajko Luknár is the son of Roman Luknár. more »

Laiken Setzekorn

Laiken Setzekorn is a brother of Dylen Setzekorn. more »

Lain Morton

Lain Morton is the son of Euan Morton and Lee Armitage. more »

Laing Kennedy

Laing E. Kennedy is a sports administrator. He previously served as athletic director for Kent... more »

Laird A. Thompson

Laird A. Thompson, is a professor of astronomy at the University of Illinois at... more »

Laird Bell

Laird Bell was a distinguished attorney and Democrat who founded a leading Chicago law firm and... more »

Laird Dobkin

Laird Dobkin is the son of Lawrence Dobkin. more »

Laird Vonne Stone

Laird Vonne Stone is the adopted son of Sharon Stone. more »

Laish Boyd

The Rt Rev Laish Zane Boyd, is the current Bishop of Nassau. more »

Laith Pharaon

Laith Pharaon is a Saudi Arabian F1 powerboat driver who is currently retired. He has entered 22... more »

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