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Macallister Bogue

Macallister Bogue is the son of Marissa Mayer. more »

Macarios III Zaim

Patriarch Yousef Yuhanna Meletios Macarios III Zaim was Melkite Greek Patriarch of Antioch from... more »

Macarius IV Tawil

Macarius IV Tawil was Patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church from 1813 to 1815. more »

Macarius Magnes

Macarius Magnes is the author of an apology against a Neo-Platonic philosopher of the early part... more »

Macarthur Job

Macarthur Job is an Australian aviation writer and air safety consultant. He has published nine... more »

Macchindra Kambli

Macchindra Kambli was a veteran Marathi theatre actor, director, and producer. Known for his... more »

Maccus mac Arailt

Maccus mac Arailt or Maccus Haraldsson was a Scandinavian or Norse-Gael king. He and his brother... more »

Macdaragh Lambe

Macdaragh Lambe is the biological son of Phil Lynott. more »

Macdonald Gill

Leslie MacDonald Gill, commonly known as MacDonald Gill or Max Gill, was a noted early-twentieth... more »

MacDonald P. Jackson

MacDonald Pairman Jackson FNZAH, FRSNZ is a New Zealand scholar of English literature. Jackson... more »

MacDonald Sembereka

Reverend MacDonald Sembereka is a Malawian reverend, civil and human rights activist. He is the... more »

Macedonius I of Constantinople

Macedonius was a Greek bishop of Constantinople from 342 up to 346, and from 351 until 360. He... more »

Maceo Shane Rapaport

Maceo Shane Rapaport is the son of actor Michael Rapaport. more »

Macgee Warshofsky

Macgee Warshofsky is the son of David Warshofsky. more »

MacGowan Thomas

MacGowan Thomas is the husband of Fiona Reid. more »

Machal Lalung

Machal Lalung was an Indian from the village of Khalagaon in Morigaon, Assam, who spent 64 years... more »


Machanidas was a tyrant of Lacedaemon about the end of the third century BC. He was originally,... more »


Machares was a Pontian prince and son of King Mithridates VI of Pontus and Queen Laodice. He was... more »

Machiel Kennedy

Machiel Kennedy is the father of Jeffrey Kennedy. more »

Machir ben Abba Mari

Machir ben Abba Mari was the author of a work entitled Yalkut ha-Makiri, but about whom not even... more »

Maciej Brożek

Maciej Brożek is the son of Piotr Brożek. more »

Maciej Chorążyk

Maciej Chorążyk is a Polish freelance sports journalist and soccer official, main... more »

Maciej Dakowicz

Maciej Dakowicz is a Polish street photographer, photojournalist and gallerist. Dakowicz is from... more »

Maciej Fortuna

Maciej Fortuna is a Polish jazz trumpet player, composer and musical educator. more »

Maciej Franz

Doctorate Maciej Franz - Polish historian; the expert of the sea wars and Zaporozhian Hosts... more »

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