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Madan Ali

Madan Ali is the father of Somy Ali. more »

Madan Lal Pahwa

Madan Lal Pahwa came to India in 1947 as a refugee after the partition of India. The plight of... more »

Madan Lal Vaid

Raizada Major Madan Lal Vaid was an officer in the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles regiment of the... more »

Madan Mohan Punchhi

Madan Mohan Punchhi was the 28th Chief Justice of India from 18 January 1998 until his... more »

Madani Bouhouche

Madani Bouhouche was a former Belgian gendarme with the Belgian Gendarmerie, convicted in 1995... more »


Maharajadhiraj Mirza Maharao Sri Madansinhji Vijayaraji Sawai Bahadur was the last official... more »


Madar is the father of an Indonesian actress Jenny Cortez. more »

Madaraka Nyerere

Madaraka Nyerere is the son of politician Julius Nyerere. more »

Madathil P.N. Balakrishna Pillai

Madathil P.N. Balakrishna Pillai is the father of Biju Menon. more »

Madathilparampil Mammen Thomas

Dr. M. M. Thomas was a renowned Indian Christian theologian, social thinker, activist and former... more »

Madathiparambil Mukundan Nair

Madathiparambil Mukundan Nair is the father of Unni Mukundan. more »

Madavoor Vasudevan Nair

Madavoor Vasudevan Nair is a veteran and legendary Kathakali artiste and the recipient of the... more »

Madd Hatta

Madd Hatta is the owner of Paid in Full Entertainment and the host of the Houston-based radio... more »

Maddie Livolsi

Maddie Livolsi is the son of film editor Mark Livolsi. more »

Maddox Monson

Maddox Monson is the son of Dan Monson. more »

Madeen Ali Abdullah Saleh

Madeen Ali Abdullah Saleh is the son of Ali Abdullah Saleh. more »

Madhav Bhattarai

Madhav Bhattarai is a religious scholar from Nepal and chairman of the committee of astrologers... more »

Madhav Kashinath Deshpande

Madhav Kashinath Deshpande was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India and a renowned professor... more »

Madhav Nair

Madhav Nair is the son of Suresh Gopi. more »

Madhava Das

Madhava Das is the husband of Kamala Suraiyya. more »

Madhava Rao

Madhava Rao is the father of Murali Mohan. more »

Madhavan K. Palat

Madhavan K Palat is an Indian historian, scholar of modern world, and political commentator. He... more »

Madhavan Nair

Madhavan Nair is the father of Sukumari. more »

Madhavan Unnithan

Madhavan Unnithan is the father of Adoor Gopalakrishnan. more »


Madhavdev is an important preceptor of the Ekasarana Dharma known for his loyalty to his guru,... more »

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