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Mads Andenæs

Mads Andenas is a legal academic and the UN Special Rapporteur on arbitrary detention and the... more »

Mads Andersen

Mads Andersen is a poker and backgammon player from Copenhagen, Denmark. Before making his mark... more »

Mads Barner-Christensen

Mads Barner-Christensen is a Danish author, speaker and self-styled "lifestyle-guide." He is a... more »

Mads H. Andenæs

Mads Henry Andenæs is a Norwegian legal academic. He was born in Oslo as a son of Johs. Andenæs... more »

Madsrurul Haq

Madsrurul Haq is the brother of Begum Para. more »

Madudan Reamhar Ua Madadhan

Madudan Reamhar Ua Madadhan, Chief of Síol Anmchadha, 1069–1096. more »

Maduka Liyanapathirana

Maduka Liyanapathirana is a Sri Lankan cricketer who plays for Chilaw Marians. Having made his... more »

Madurai T. Srinivasan

Madurai.T.Srinivasan is a well-known figure in the field of music be it Carnatic or Cine music... more »

Madzengue Younous

Madzengue Younous is a Congolese politician, hailing from Nibolek. He served as Minister of... more »


Madzikane was the founder and a King of the Bhaca people. Before him his father's tribe was... more »

Maecilius Fuscus

Maecilius Fuscus was a governor of Britannia Inferior, a province of Roman Britain some time... more »

Maeda Toshisada

Viscount Toshisada Maeda was a politician and cabinet minister in the pre-war Empire of Japan. more »

Máel Bressail mac Ailillo

Máel Bressail mac Ailello was a king of Ulaid, which is now Ulster, Ireland. He belonged to a... more »

Máel Brigte of Perth

Máel Brigte of Perth was an important figure in Perth in the reign of King David I of Scotland... more »

Máel Cothaid mac Fogartaig

Máel Cothaid mac Fogartaig was a possible King of Connacht from the Uí Briúin branch of the... more »

Máel Dub

Máel Dub was reputedly an Irish monk of the 7th century said to have founded a monastic house at... more »

Máel Dúin

Máel Dúin is the eighth alleged Bishop of St Andrews. He is mentioned in the bishop-lists of the... more »

Máel Dúin mac Fergusa

Máel Dúin mac Fergusa was King of South Brega of the Uí Chernaig sept of Lagore of the Síl nÁedo... more »

Máel Gualae

Máel mac Donngaile, known as Máel Gualae, was a King of Munster from the Eóganacht Chaisil... more »

Mael Isa Mac MaelColuim

Mael Isa Mac MaelColuim was described upon his death as "chief keeper of the calendar of... more »

Máel Ísa Ua Conchobair

Mael Isa Ua Conchobair, Prince of Connacht and Abbot of Roscommon, died 1223. more »

Mael Isa ua Máilgiric

Mael Isa ua Máilgiric, Irish poet, died 1088. Mael Isa ua Máilgiric who held the post of Chief... more »

Máel Mórda mac Murchada

Máel Mórda mac Murchada was King of Leinster. Son of Murchad mac Finn and brother of Gormflaith,... more »

Máel Muad mac Brain

Máel Muad mac Brain, commonly anglicised Molloy, was King of Munster, first possibly from 959 or... more »

Máel Muire

Máel Muire is the fifth alleged bishop of St Andrews, though at that period the bishop of the... more »

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