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Musaad Aruchi

Musaad Aruchi was a Pakistani courier who worked in connection with al Qaeda, before his capture... more »


Musanus was an early Christian writer mentioned briefly by Eusebius in his Church History as the... more »

Musarrat Hussain

Musarrat Hussain was a Pakistani psychiatrist. He was the head of the department of psychiatry... more »


Musaylimah or Muslim bin Ḥabīb was one of a series of men who claimed to be a prophet around the... more »

Musel Mamikonian

Musel Mamikonian, also spelled Mushegh was the Sparapet of Armenia under King Papas and then,... more »

Musgrave Watson

Musgrave Lewthwaite Watson was an English sculptor of the early 19th century. more »

Mushabib al-Hamlan

An original candidate for the September 11 attacks, Mushabib al-Hamlan became involved with... more »

Mushahid Ullah Khan

Mushahid Ullah Khan is a Pakistani senator from the Punjab who is a member of the Pakistan... more »

Mushaukwa Mukunyandela

Dr. Mushaukwa Mukunyandela is a Zambian Consultant Neuro-Physician and the first Zambian to be... more »


Mushezib-Marduk, Chaldean prince chosen as King of Babylon after Nergal-ushezib. He led the... more »

Mushir Khan

Mushir Khan is the father of Sonam. more »

Mushtak Ali Kazi

Justice Mushtak Ali Kazi, was a renowned jurist and writer of Pakistan and a Judge of the High... more »

Mushtaq Ahmad

Mushtaq Ahmad OBE is the Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire. He was the first Asian to serve as... more »

Mushtaq Ahmed Azmi

Mushtaq Ahmed Azmi, was a mass literacy expert. He was one of the first non-officials to be... more »

Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani

Nawab Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani was a Pakistani politician. In his role as Minister without... more »

Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar

Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar was born in 1967 and grew up in the Jama Masjid_ Srinagar area of Srinagar... more »

Mushtaq Ali Khan

Mushtaq Ali Khan and was an Indian sitar, surbahar player. His father Ashiq Ali Khan was a... more »

Mushtaq Qadri

Muhammad Mushtaq Qadri Attari was a Pakistani religious poet. more »

Muslim Gadzhiyev

Muslim Gadzhiyev is the father of football manager Gadzhi Gadzhiyev. more »

Muslim ibn Aqeel

Muslim ibn Aqeel Al-Hashimi was the son of Aqeel ibn Abu Talib and a member of the clan of Bani... more »

Muslim ibn Shihab

Muslim ibn Shihab was a known 8th century Muslim. He supported Abd-Allah ibn al-Zubayr in his... more »

Muslim Khan

Muslim Khan was a spokesman for the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan of Swat. He was born in Kabal... more »

Muso Gonnosuke

Musō Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi was a samurai of the early 17th century and the traditional founder of... more »


Musokios or Mužok was a 6th-century monarch that ruled around 592, during Maurice's Balkan... more »

Mussius Aemilianus

Lucius Mussius Aemilianus was a Roman usurper. Mussius Aemilianus probably was of Italian stock... more »

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