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Nadezhda Tylik

Nadezhda Tylik is a Russian citizen and mother of the submariner Lt. Sergei Tylik, who lost his... more »

Nadhem Abdullah

Nadhem Abdullah was an 18-year-old unarmed Iraqi civilian who was brutally assaulted and... more »

Nadhin Ratheesh Vega

Nadhin Ratheesh Vega is the son of Ratheesh Vegha. more »

Nadhmi Al-Nasr

Nadhmi A. Al-Nasr was the interim president of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. more »

Nadikerianda Chinnappa

The Kodava language, called the Kodava thakk, is a tongue rather than a written language, spoken... more »

Nadim al-Jabiri

Nadim al-Jabiri is an Iraqi politician and the former secretary-general of the Islamic Virtue... more »

Nadim Antar

Nadim Antar is the father of Haifa Wehbe. more »

Nadim Kapic

Nadim Kapic is the brother of basketball player Nizar Kapic. more »

Nadim Kassar

Nadim Kassar, Lebanese businessman is most recognized for his position as General Manager of... more »

Nadim Van Der Ros

Nadim Van Der Ros is the husband of Stephanie Sun. more »

Nadín Ospina

Nadín Ospina is an award-winning Colombian artist with significant international exposure. His... more »


Nadir Salgari was the son of Emilio Salgari. more »

Nadir Ali Khan

Nadir Ali Khan is an Indian writer and scholar. more »

Nadir El Fassi

Nadir El Fassi is a French decathlete. more »

Nadir Ibrahimov

Nadir Baba Ogly Ibragimov was an Azerbaijani and a Soviet astronomer. A crater on Mars is named... more »

Nadir Mirza of Khorasan

Nadir Mirza Afshar was great-grandson of Nader Shah the founder of the Afsharid dynasty of... more »

Nadir Nadirov

Nadir Nadirov, is a Kurdish academic and scientist from Kazakhstan. He was born in Nakhchivan... more »

Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw

Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw was the eldest son of the Karachi landowner and philanthropist Seth... more »

Nadiya Bassem Youssef

Nadiya Bassem Youssef is the daughter of Bassem Youssef. more »

Nado Makhmudov

Nado Makhmudov was a famous Armenian-born Kurdish writer and public figure. more »

Nae Theodorescu

Nae Theodorescu was the father of Romanian writer Tudor Arghezi. more »


Naeem Qureshi is the brother of Saqib Saleem. more »

Naeem Anjum

Naeem Anjum is an international cricketer from Pakistan. He was part of the bronze medal winning... more »

Naeem Ashraf Raja

Naeem Ashraf Raja is the Director of biodiversity in the Federal Government of Pakistan. A... more »

Naeim Giladi

Naeim Giladi was an anti-Zionist Iraqi jew, president of the World Organization of Jews From... more »

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