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Tadahiro Yoshida

吉田 忠雄はYKKの創業者。富山県出身。魚津市、黒部市の名誉市民。神奈川県藤沢市に居住していた。 more »

Tadamasa Goto

Tadamasa Goto is a retired yakuza. He was the founding head of the Goto-gumi, a Fujinomiya-based... more »

Tadamichi Shimogawara

Tadamichi Shimogawara is the brother of Tomomi Kahala. more »

Tadanobu Tsunoda

Tadanobu Tsunoda is a Japanese author, most known for his ideas regarding the "Japanese brain"... more »

Tadao Kikumoto

Tadao Kikumoto is Roland's senior managing director and head of their R&D center. He designed... more »

Tadao Suzuki

Tadao Suzuki is the father of Ami Suzuki. more »

Tadao Watanabe

Tadao Watanabe was a Japanese politician and Mayor of Hiroshima 1955 - 1959. Was elected to the... more »

Tadas Griniukas

Tadas Griniukas is the husband of Daina Gudzinevičiūtė. more »

Tadas Ivanauskas

Tadas Ivanauskas was a prominent Lithuanian zoologist and biologist, and one of the founders of... more »

Tadashi Abe

Tadashi Abe was the first aikido master to live and teach in the west. He is considered by... more »

Tadashi Endo

Tadashi Endo is a butoh dancer resident in Göttingen, Germany. Endo is a Japanese national. He... more »

Tadashi Irie

Tadashi Irie is a yakuza, the head of the Osaka-based 2nd Takumi-gumi and the grand general... more »

Tadashi Kawashima

Tadashi Kawashima was a Japanese manga artist and manga gensakusha from Ehime Prefecture. He is... more »

Tadashi Nakamura

Tadashi Nakamura is the founder of Seidō juku karatedo. more »

Tadashi Nakayama

Tadashi Nakayama is a Japanese woodblock print artist, working in a style that combines... more »

Tadashi Ōkura

Tadashi Okura is the father of Tadayoshi Ōkura. more »

Tadashi Sawamura

Tadashi Sawamura is a Japanese former kickboxer whose real name is Hideki Shiraha. He was one of... more »

Tadashi Yamashina

Tadashi Yamashina is the former Team Principal of the Toyota F1 Racing operation, having taken... more »

Tadashige Ono

Tadashige Ono was a Japanese woodblock print artist prominent in the sōsaku hanga movement in... more »

Tadayuki Okada

Tadayuki 'Taddy' Okada is a retired Japanese professional Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. He... more »

Tadc mac Briain

Tadc or Tadg mac Briain was the son of Brian Boru and Echrad, daughter of Carlus mac Ailella of... more »

Taddeo Crivelli

Taddeo Crivelli, also known as Taddeo da Ferrara, was an Italian painter of illuminated... more »

Tadeo Bosé

Tadeo Bosé is the son of Miguel Bosé. more »

Tadeo Giménez

Tadeo Giménez is the son of Henry Damián Giménez more »

Tadeo Gomez

Tadeo Gomez was a worker at Fender Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company in Fullerton,... more »

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