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Tadeo Tovar

Tadeo Tovar is the son of actor Luis Felipe Tovar. more »

Tadesse Mamechae

Tadesse Mamecha is an Ethiopian sculptor. His most famous sculpture is "The Afar" which stands... more »

Tadeusz Baranowski

Tadeusz Baranowski is a Polish comic book artist. He published his first comic in 1975 in Świat... more »

Tadeusz Brzeziński

Tadeusz Brzeziński was a Polish consular official and the father of President Jimmy Carter's... more »

Tadeusz Chudecki

Tadeusz Chudecki is a Polish actor. He appeared in the comedy television series Bao-Bab, czyli... more »

Tadeusz Dąbrowski

Tadeusz Dąbrowski is a Polish, poet, essayist, and critic. He is also the editor of the literary... more »

Tadeusz Dominik

Tadeusz Dominik is a Polish painter, draftsman, art professor. Dominik studied painting at the... more »

Tadeusz Gajl

Tadeusz Gajl is a Polish artist, notable for his study on Polish heraldry. After graduating from... more »

Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski

Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski is a Polish Roman Catholic and Armenian Catholic priest, author and... more »

Tadeusz Jan Komorowski

Tadeusz Jan Komorowski is the son of Bronisław Komorowski. more »

Tadeusz Jasiński

Tadeusz Jasiński - was one of the young defenders of Grodno in September 1939, after the Soviet... more »

Tadeusz Jodłowski

Tadeusz Jodlowski is a Polish artist. more »

Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz

Archbishop Monsignor Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz is the Belarusian Roman Catholic Archbishop of Minsk... more »

Tadeusz Maćkała

Tadeusz Maćkała is a Polish senator, representing Civic Platform. He is a graduate of Wrocław... more »

Tadeusz Markiewicz

Tadeusz Markiewicz is a Polish sculptor, painter and graphic designer, born October 27, 1936 in... more »

Tadeusz Müller

Tadeusz Müller is the son of Magda Gessler from her first marriage. more »

Tadeusz Olechowski

Tadeusz Olechowski was a Polish communist politician, Polish ambassador to various countries... more »

Tadeusz Pieronek

Tadeusz Pieronek is a Polish Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop-emeritus, Catholic academic and... more »

Tadeusz Pikus

Tadeusz Pikus is a Polish Roman Catholic bishop and professor of fundamental theology, who has... more »

Tadeusz Sikorski

Tadeusz Sikorski is the son of Anne Applebaum and Radosław Sikorski. more »

Tadeusz Wiejowski

Tadeusz Wiejowski was a Polish shoemaker, and victim of Nazism. Tadeusz Wiejowski was imprisoned... more »

Tadeusz Wojciech Maklakiewicz

Tadeusz Wojciech Maklakiewicz, born 20 October 1922, Mszczonów – 24 March 1996, Warsaw, was a... more »

Tadeusz Wrona

Tadeusz Wrona is a Polish pilot who successfully performed a belly landing of a Boeing 767... more »

Tadeusz Zamachowski

Tadeusz Zamachowski is the son of Zbigniew Zamachowski and Aleksandra Justa. more »

Tadeusz Żmudziński

Tadeusz Żmudziński was a Polish pianist and educator. In 1946 Żmudziński graduated with highest... more »

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