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Umar Shaykh

Umar Shaykh was a son of Timur. more »

Umar Sulaiman Al-Ashqar

Dr. Umar Sulayman 'Abd-Allaah al-Ashqar was a professor in the Faculty of Islamic Law at the... more »

Umashankar Gupta

Umashankar Gupta is the Home minister in Bharatiya Janata Party ministry of Madhya Pradesh in... more »


Umaswati also known as Umaswami is the author of Tattvartha Sutra, one of the important Jaina... more »

Umayr ibn Sad al-Ansari

Umayr ibn Sad al-Ansari was a companion of Muhammad. His father died when Umayr was young,... more »

Umayr ibn Wahb

Umayr ibn Wahb was the father of Wahb ibn Umayr. Both participated in the Battle of Badr, and... more »

Umayya Toukan

Umayya Salah Toukan was the governor of the Central Bank of Jordan from 2001 to 2010. He is... more »

Umayyah ibn Khalaf

Umayyah ibn Khalaf ibn Safwan was a Meccan Arab, a leading member of the Quraish and head of the... more »


Umbarra, or King Merriman was an Aboriginal elder of the Djirringanj/Yuin people of the Bermagui... more »

Umberto Ammaturo

Umberto Ammaturo, also known as 'O pazzo, is an Italian criminal and a member of the Neapolitan... more »

Umberto Bargilli

Umberto Bargilli was the father of writer/director Mario Soldati. more »

Umberto Bellocco

Umberto Bellocco is an Italian criminal and a member of the 'Ndrangheta, a mafia-type... more »

Umberto Betti

Umberto Betti, O.F.M., S.T.D. was an Italian priest of the Order of Friars Minor who on 24... more »

Umberto Blasi

Umberto Blasi was an Italian long-distance runner who was a three-time national champion in the... more »

Umberto Branchini

Umberto Branchini was an Italian boxing promoter and manager. Born in Modena, Italy, on July 17,... more »

Umberto Gallo

Umbert Gallo was the father of Albert Gallo. more »

Umberto Lilloni

Umberto Lilloni was an Italian painter. more »

Umberto Masetti

Umberto Masetti was an Italian two-time World Champion Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. In... more »

Umberto Pirilli

Umberto Pirilli is an Italian politician; he was Member of the European Parliament for Southern... more »

Umberto Verdirosi

Umberto Verdirosi is a painter, actor, sculptor and poet who was born in Piedmont in northern... more »

Umdat Ul-Umra

Ghulam Hussainy Umdat al-Umra, Umdat al-Umra was the Nawab of the Carnatic region of India from... more »

Umer Farooq

Umer Farooq is a Pakistani film and television actor, and singer. He is perhaps best known for... more »

Umesh Chandra Dutta

Umesh Chandra Dutta was one of the pioneer Brahmos who firmly established the Brahmo Samaj at... more »

Umesh Prasad Giri

Umesh Prasad Giri, a Nepalese politician. He contested the 1994 legislative election in the... more »

Umesh Waghmare

Umesh Waghmare is a professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research... more »

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