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Ur-Nammu founded the Sumerian 3rd dynasty of Ur, in southern Mesopotamia, following several... more »


Ur-Nanshe was the first king of the First Dynasty of Lagash in the Sumerian Early Dynastic... more »


Ur-Nungal of Uruk was the sixth Sumerian ruler in the First Dynasty of Uruk, and son of... more »

Urakusai Nagahide

Urakusai Nagahide, was a designer of ukiyo-e style Japanese woodblock prints who was active from... more »


Urayoán was a Taíno "Cacique" famous for ordering the drowning of Diego Salcedo to determine if... more »


Urban was the first bishop of South East Wales to call himself 'bishop of Llandaff'. He was of a... more »

Urban Carmichael

Urban Carmichael was a storyteller, comic, songwriter and entertainer from Prince Edward Island,... more »

Urban Förare

Urban Förare is a Swedish Bandy player who currently plays for IK Sirius as a forward. Urban has... more »

Urban John Vehr

Urban John Vehr was an American clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Bishop of... more »

Urban of Macedonia

Urban of Macedonia is numbered among the Seventy Apostles. Along with the Apostles Ampliatus,... more »

Urban T. Holmes, Jr.

Urban Tigner Holmes, Jr. was an American scholar focusing on medieval literature and romance... more »

Urban Valentine Williams Darlington

Urban Valentine Williams Darlington was an American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church,... more »

Urbano Antillón

Urbano Antillón is a Mexican-American professional boxer in the Lightweight division. Antillón... more »

Urbano dei conti Rattazzi

Urbano dei conti Rattazzi is the father of Priscilla Rattazzi more »


Urbanus was a Roman usurper. Urbanus staged an uprising in the beginning of the reign of... more »

Urchadh mac Murchadh

Urchadh mac Murchadh was King of Maigh Seóla. more »


Ureltu is a modern Evenk Chinese writer. Ureltu's original name is Tu Shaomin. He was born in... more »

Urgyen Trinley Dorje, 17th Karmapa

Ogyen Trinley Dorje, also written Urgyen Trinley Dorje, is a claimant to the title of 17th... more »

Urho Kujala

Urho Kujala is a Finnish orienteering competitor. He received a bronze medal in the relay event... more »

Uri Andres

Uri Andres is a metallurgist and was the husband of Anna Massey. more »

Uri Aviram

Uri Aviram is a professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is Zena Harman Professor... more »

Uri Bar-Joseph

Uri Bar-Joseph is a professor in The Department for International Relations of The School for... more »

Uri Bar-Ner

Uri Bar-Ner is a senior adviser to the President of the America-Israel Friendship League, the... more »

Uri Bergman

Uri Bergman is an Israeli paralympic swimming champion. Bergman was born in 1953 in Kibbutz... more »

Uri Bin Nun

Uri Bin Nun is an Israeli inventor and the current CEO of the Israel Electric Corporation from... more »

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