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Úgaine Mór

Úgaine Mór, son of Eochu Buadach, son of Dui Ladrach, was, according to medieval Irish legend... more »

Ugaz Abdulrahman Abd Ghani

Ugaas Abdulrahman Abd Ghani or Abdulrahman Muhumad Qani is the chieftain of the Talomoge... more »

Ugi Winn

Ugi Winn is the brother of Sharri Jones. more »

Ugo A. Perego

Ugo A. M. Perego is a DNA researcher whose main focuses of study have been the origins of Native... more »

Ugo Armani

Ugo Armani is the father of Giorgio Armani. more »

Ugo Bellagamba

Ugo Bellagamba is a French science fiction writer who won the Prix Rosny-Aîné in 2005 and 2010,... more »

Ugo Brachetti Peretti

Ugo Maria Brachetti Peretti is an Italian oil executive. more »

Ugo da Parlascio Ebriaco

Ugo da Parlascio Ebriaco was a leading citizen in the Republic of Pisa in the early twelfth... more »

Ugo Intini

Ugo Intini is an Italian politician. A long-time member of the Italian Socialist Party and close... more »

Ugo Mattei

Ugo Mattei is the Alfred and Hanna Fromm Professor of International and Comparative Law at the... more »

Ugo Monye

Ugochukwu "Ugo" Chiedozie Monye is an English international rugby union player who plays club... more »

Ugo Mozie

Ugo Mozie, is a fashion stylist and creative director of Nigerian descent. Known mainly for his... more »

Ugo Piatti

Ugo Piatti was an Italian painter. more »

Ugo Rondinone

Ugo Rondinone is a New-York based mixed-media artist whose works explore themes of fantasy and... more »

Ugo Sansonetti

Ugo Sansonetti, nicknamed Matusalesto, is an Italian writer and masters athlete. He is the... more »

Ugo Ventimiglia

Ugo Ventimiglia was an Italian cardinal. His name is listed also as Ottone. He was born in... more »

Ugolino II Trinci

Ugolino II Trinci was the lord of Foligno from 1343 until his death. He was the son of Nallo I... more »

Ugone della Volta

Ugone della Volta was the second Archbishop of Genoa from 1163 to 1188 after Siro de' Porcello... more »


Ugrasena was the King of Mathura, a kingdom that was established after the various Yadava clans,... more »

Ugrin Csák

Ugrin Csák was archbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary from 1219 until his death at the Battle of Mohi on... more »

Uğur Güneş

Uğur Güneş is a Turkish volleyball player. He is 204 cm and plays as middle blocker. He has been... more »

Uğur Kulaçoğlu

Uğur Kulaçoğlu is the former husband of Hande Yener. more »

Uğur Rıfat Karlova

Uğur Rıfat Karlova is a Turkish stand-up comedian, actor, TV host, showman and writer living in... more »

Ugur Sirin

Ugur Sirin is the father of Turkish basketball player Gökhan Şirin. more »

Ugur Soldan

Ugur Soldan is a Turkish author, critic, academician and lecturer. He was born in Mut, a town of... more »

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