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Valentijn Palplatz

Valentijn Palplatz is the son of Liesbeth Kamerling and Frans Palplatz. more »

Valentim Norte

Valentim Norte is the son of Vítor Norte. more »

Valentin Abecia

San Luis Valentín Abecia Baldivieso was a Bolivian historian, writer and diplomat. He was... more »

Valentin Alekseyev

Valentin Mikhaylovich Alekseyev was a Russian historian from St.Petersburg. His major works... more »

Valentin Atanasov

Valentin Atanasov is a retired Bulgarian sprinter who specialized in the 100 metres. He won... more »

Valentin Balthasar

Valentin Balthasar is the son of actor Konstantin Wecker. more »

Valentin Bourgault

Valentin Bourgault is the brother of Marc-Antoine Bourgault. more »

Valentín Campa

Valentín Campa Salazar was a Mexican railway union leader and presidential candidate. Along with... more »

Valentin Chaikin

Valentin Chaikin is a former Soviet speed skater. He set a world record in 1500 m in Medeo in... more »

Valentin Chepteni

Valentin Chepteni is a Moldovan politician. more »

Valentin Clémenti

Valentin Clémenti is the son of Pierre Clémenti. more »

Valentin Colun

Valentin Colun is a Moldovan politician. more »

Valentin Debise

Valentin Debise is a Grand Prix motorcycle racer from France. He currently competes in the... more »

Valentin Dmitriyenko

Valentin Dmitriyenko is a retired male hammer thrower, who competed for the Soviet Union during... more »

Valentin Dolganiuc

Valentin Dolganiuc is a Moldovan politician. more »

Valentin Držkovic

Valentin Držkovic was a Czech painter. He was strongly influenced by Art Nouveau and Impressionism. more »

Valentin Gallmetzer

Valentin Gallmetzer was a Tyrolean gothic revival sculptor, a pupil of Franz Tavella. In 1901 he... more »

Valentin Ghionea

Valentin Ghionea is a Romanian handballer who plays for Wisła Płock and the Romanian national team. more »

Valentin Gneushev

Valentin Gneushev is a Russian circus director and choreographer. Gneushev was born in the city... more »

Valentin Gorobsov

Valentin Gorobsov is the brother of Nicolás Gorobsov. more »

Valentin Guznac

Valentin Guznac is a Moldovan politician. more »

Valentin Hoepner

Valentin Hoepner is a son of Pola Kinski. more »

Valentin Hristov

Valentin Hristov is an Olympic weightlifter for Bulgaria. more »

Valentin Ickelshamer

Valentin Ickelshamer, was a German grammarian. Ickelshamer was born at Rothenburg ob der Tauber,... more »

Valentin Ionescu

Valentin Marian Ionescu is a Romanian lawyer, former presidential advisor to the President of... more »

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