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Valentin Ivanov

Valentin D. Ivanov is a Bulgarian astronomer working in the European Southern Observatory,... more »

Valentin Jautard

Valentin Jautard was a Canadian lawyer and journalist. He is best known for his welcome of... more »

Valentin Knobloch

Valentin Knobloch is a German judoka. more »

Valentin Kontridze

Valentine Solomonovich Kontridze Sobol was a Georgian Jewish scientist, ophthalmologist, and eye... more »

Valentin Mândâcanu

Valentin Mândâcanu was a writer and politician from Republic of Moldova. Mândâcanu was a founder... more »

Valentin Markin

Valentin Markin was the chief illegal rezident and director of the espionage operations of the... more »

Valentin Melnychuk

Valentin Melnychuk is a Ukrainian basketball coach. Melnychuk worked in Portugal for several... more »

Valentin Montand

Valentin Montand is the child of Yves Montand and Carole Amiel. more »

Valentín Montillo

Valentín Montillo is the son of football player Walter Damián Montillo and Melina Ianazzo. more »

Valentin Morozov

Valentin Morozov is a former Russian professional ice hockey player who spent the majority of... more »

Valentin Novikov

Valentin Novikov is a Russian orienteering competitor. more »

Valentin Orischenko

Valentin Orischenko was a Soviet sprint canoer who competed in the early 1950s. He finished... more »

Valentin Serbu

Valentin Serbu was a contemporary Romanian writer, best known for his novels and satirical short... more »

Valentin Stepankov

Valentin Stepankov was the first prosecutor general of the Russian Federation. He once condemned... more »

Valentin Streltsov

Valentin Streltsov - one of the leading contemporary iconographers, working in the classical... more »

Valentin Toledo

Valentin Toledo is a Spanish painter currently living in Los Angeles, California. He was born in... more »

Valentín Tricoche

Valentín Tricoche was a Puerto Rican land owner and philanthropist from Ponce, Puerto Rico. He... more »

Valentin Ursache

Valentin Niculai Ursache is a Romanian rugby union player. He plays as a lock. Ursache played... more »

Valentín Valdés Espinosa

Valentín Valdés Espinosa, a Mexican journalist for the newspaper Zócalo in Saltillo, Mexico. He... more »

Valentin Voss

Valentin Voss was a Norwegian lawyer and civil servant. He took the cand.jur. degree in 1903 and... more »

Valentin Wirz

Valentin Wirz is a Swiss professional ice hockey player. He is currently playing for the SC Bern... more »

Valentin Yanin

Valentin Lavrentievich Yanin is a leading Russian historian who has authored 700 books and... more »

Valentin Yumashev

Valentin Yumashev is a Russian journalist, politician and businessman-developer, member of the... more »

Valentin Zeglovsky

Valentin Zeglovsky was a ballet dancer with the Ballets Russes. Zeglovsky was a Ukrainian... more »

Valentinas Mikelėnas

Valentinas Mikelėnas is a Lithuanian lawyer, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Lithuania,... more »

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