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Valentine "Rag" Wynter

Valentine "Rag" Wynter is the father of Diane Wynter. more »

Valentine Alexius Schoonberg

Valentine Alexius Schoonberg a Bavarian retail merchant and/or a missionary based at the Cape of... more »

Valentine Anthony Rolph

Valentine Anthony Rolph is the son of actress Mary Lynn Rajskub and Matthew Rolph. more »

Valentine Cunningham

Valentine Cunningham is a professor of English language and literature at the University of... more »

Valentine Dale

Valentine Dale was an English jurist and diplomat. more »

Valentine Flood

Valentine Flood, M.D., was an Irish anatomist and physician who died of typhus while treating... more »

Valentine Gustafsson

Valentine Gustafsson is the son of Robert Gustafsson and Lotta Gustafsson. more »

Valentine Hatfield

Valentine Hatfield is the brother of Devil Anse Hatfield. more »

Valentine John Giamatti

Valentine John Giamatti was the father of A. Bartlett Giamatti. more »

Valentine Kohl Paulson

Valentine Kohl Paulson is the son of Jay Paulson and Courtney Kohl. more »

Valentine Marshall

Valentine Marshall was tried and charged for his alleged involvement in the Nottingham Reform... more »

Valentine Michael Manson

Valentine Michael Manson is the son of Charles Manson. more »

Valentine Miller

Valentine Miller is the son of author Henry Miller and Janina Martha Lepska. more »

Valentine O'Hara

Valentine James O'Hara was a noted Irish author and authority on Russia and the Baltic States in... more »

Valentine Simmes

Valentine Simmes was an Elizabethan era and Jacobean era printer; he did business in London, "on... more »

Valentine Snow

Valentine Snow was the trumpeter for George Frideric Handel. He succeeded John Shore as the... more »

Valentine W. Southall

Valentine W. Southall was a Virginia politician. He represented Albemarle County in the Virginia... more »

Valentine Walton

Valentine Walton was one of the regicides of King Charles I of England. more »

Valentino Alcaraz

Valentino Alcaraz is one of the children of footballer Antolín Alcaraz. more »

Valentino Alessandro Bastoni

Valentino Alessandro Bastoni is the son of actor Steve Bastoni. more »

Valentino Balboni

Valentino Balboni is the former chief test driver of Lamborghini, a manufacturer of sports cars... more »

Valentino Bergessio

Valentino Bergessio is the son of Gonzalo Rubén Bergessio. more »

Valentino Braitenberg

Valentino Braitenberg was an Italian neuroscientist and cyberneticist. He was former director at... more »

Valentino Castellani

Valentino Castellani was the independent mayor of Turin, Italy from July 22, 1993 – May 31,... more »

Valentino Ciccia

Valentino Ciccia is the son of Giovanni Ciccia and Domenica Seminar. more »

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