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Va'ai Papu Vailupe

Va'ai Papu Vailupe is a Samoan politician and Member of Parliament. He is the leader of the... more »


Vacca was a 6th-century grammarian who studied and commented on the works of Lucan. Little is... more »

Vachara Dada

Vachara Dada / Vachhra Dada /Vasra Dada also known as Bhatiji Maharaj / Bhathiji Maharaj is a... more »

Vache Gabrielyan

Vache Gabrielyan is an Armenian economist, who has been vice-head of the Central Bank of Armenia... more »

Vache of Iberia

Vach'e, of the Arsacid dynasty, was a king of Iberia from 216 to 234. He is known exclusively... more »

Vache of Kakheti

Vache was a prince and chorepiscopus of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 827 to 839. He came of... more »

Václav Benák

Václav Benák is a Czech professional ice hockey defenceman. He played with HC Plzeň in the Czech... more »

Václav Benda

Václav Benda was a Czech political activist and mathematician. Along with other dissidents in... more »

Václav Bernard Ambrosi

Wenzel Bernhard Ambrozy, who was born at Kuttenberg, in Bohemia, in 1723, received instruction... more »

Václav Blažek

Václav Blažek is a historical linguist. He is a professor at Masaryk University and also teaches... more »

Václav Boštík

Václav Boštík was a Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator. In 1937 he joined the Academy... more »

Václav Čtvrtek

Václav Cafourek, commonly known under his pen name of Václav Čtvrtek was a Czech poet and... more »

Václav Dobruský

Václav Dobruský was a Czech archaeologist, epigrapher and numismatist who was mostly active in... more »

Václav Dosbaba

Václav Dosbaba is a Czech painter. He has exhibited in Brno, Louny, Ostrava, Prague, Litomysl,... more »

Václav František Kocmánek

Václav František Kocmánek was a Baroque Czech poet, author, and historian of great... more »

Václav Frič

Václav Fric was a Czech naturalist and natural history dealer. Václav Fric was the son of a... more »

Václav Hladík

Václav Hladík was a Czech novelist, journalist and translator. Being prolific and somewhat... more »

Václav Junek

Václav Junek is a Czech businessman. Junek was a chairman of bankrupt conglomerate Chemapol... more »

Václav Kočí

Václav Kočí is a Czech professional ice hockey defenceman. He played with HC Pardubice in the... more »

Václav Kosmák

Václav Kosmák was a Czech novelist. Kosmák was a priest as well as a writer. Notable for his... more »

Václav Krondl

Václav Krondl is a retired Czech football referee. He is known for being the referee of the 1994... more »

Václav Mánes

Václav Mánes was a Czech painter. He was the brother of Antonín Mánes and uncle of Quido and... more »

Václav Mára

Václav Mára is a Czechoslovak sprint canoer who competed in the late 1960s. He finished sixth in... more »

Václav Maria Havel

Václav Maria Havel is the father of Vaclav Havel and Ivan M. Havel. more »

Václav Matěj Kramerius

Václav Matěj Kramerius was a Czech publisher, journalist and writer, one of the most important... more »

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