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Vadim Sidorov

Vadim Sidorov is a retired male long-distance runner from Russia. He outfinished Britain's Hugh... more »

Vadim Skuratovsky

Vadim Leontiyovich Skurativskiy is a Ukraininan art historian and critic, expert in literature,... more »

Vadim Storoge

Vadim Storoge is the son of actor Dimitri Storoge and actress Virginia Clausade. more »

Vadim Tarasenko

Vadim Tarasenko is a Russian speedway rider who ride for Latvian Lokomotiv Daugavpils in the... more »

Vadim Tokarev

Vadim Tokarev is an American-based Russian cruiserweight boxer. more »

Vadim Tolstopyatov

Vadim Tolstopyatov is a Russian ski-orienteering competitor. He received a silver medal in the... more »


Sri Vadirajateertha, traditionally 1480 - 1600, a Haridasa, was a Shivalli Tulu Brahmin and... more »

Vadivel Nimalarajah

Vadivel Nimalarajah is a minority Sri Lankan Tamil proof reader for the newspaper Uthayan in... more »

Vadym Rukavytsya

Vadym Rukavytsya is the father of soccer player Nikita Rukavytsya. more »

Vaggelis Papachristos

Vaggelis Papachristos is a Greek politician. During the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 he was... more »

Vagish Shastri

Vagish Shastri is an international Sanskrit grammarian, eminent linguist, Tantric and yogi. He... more »

Vagn Åkesson

Vagn Åkesson was a Norseman of the late 10th century, mentioned in the Jómsvíkinga saga. At the... more »

Vagn Bennike

Vagn Bennike was an army engineer and demolitions expert. During the occupation of Denmark... more »

Vagn F. Flyger

Vagn F. Flyger was a Danish-American wildlife biologist and one of the world’s foremost... more »

Vagn Jørgensen

Vagn Jørgensen was a Danish sprint canoer who competed in the late 1930s. He won a bronze in the... more »

Vágner Kaetano Pereira

Vágner Kaetano Pereira, aka Pula is a Brazilian-born Russian futsal player who plays for MFK... more »

Vagner Rocha

Vagner Rocha is a Brazilian-American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and professional... more »

Vago Hesshaimer

Vago Hesshaimer is the son of aviator Charles Lindbergh. more »

Vahagn Davtyan

Vahagn Davtyan was an Armenian writer. more »

Vahan Artsruni

Vahan Artsruni is a modern Armenian rock musician, singer, composer and artist. more »

Vahan Harmaian

Vahan Harmaian is the father of actor Armen Garo. more »

Vahan Hovhannisyan

Vahan Hovhannisyan is an Armenian politician of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. He was... more »

Vahe Aghabegians

Vahe Aghabegians is a technology adviser to the Armenian government. His childhood education... more »

Vahe Enfiajyan

Vahe Enfiajyan is a Prosperous Armenia Party member of the National Assembly of Armenia, elected... more »

Vahe Gurzadyan

Vahe Gurzadyan is an Armenian mathematical physicist and a professor at Yerevan Physics... more »

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