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Vairotsana of 'Pagor' was a Tibetan translator living during the reign of King Trisong Detsen... more »


Vaishampayana was the traditional narrator of the Mahabharata, one of the two major Sanskrit... more »

Vaishnava Carana dasa Babaji

Vaiṣṇava Carana dāsa was a Vaishnava guru. A Vaidya by caste, his real name was Gokulananda Sen... more »

Vaiyāvik Kōpperum Pēkan

Vaiyāvik Kōpperum Pēkan was a Tamil Vēlir king and one the 7 great patrons of arts and... more »

Vajjala Shiva Kumar

Vajjala Shiva Kumar is a well known free verse Telugu poet. Vajjala Shiva Kumar was born in 1956... more »


Vajrabodhi was an Indian buddhist monk and Esoteric Buddhist teacher in Tang China. He is one... more »

Vajubhai Vala

Vajubhai Vala is the current speaker of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. He was a Cabinet... more »

Vaka Manu

Vaka Manu is the brother of rugby union player Nasi Manu. more »

Vakhtang Ananyan

Vakhtang Stepani Ananyan was an ethnic Armenian writer in the Soviet Union. He was awarded by... more »

Vakhtang Iagorashvili

Vakhtang "Vaho" Iagorashvili is a Soviet modern pentathlete, who has been a member of three... more »

Vakhtang Kapanadze

Vakhtang Kapanadze is a Georgian reserve brigadier general who served as the Chief of the... more »

Vakhtang, son of David IV of Georgia

Vakhtang or Tsuata was the Georgian Bagrationi prince and the son of King David IV "the... more »

Vakkom Moulavi

Vakkom Muhammed Abdul Khadir Moulavi, popularly known as Vakkom Moulavi was a social reformer,... more »

Vakkom Purushothaman

Vakkom Purushothaman is an Indian political figure who has been Governor of Mizoram since 2011. more »

Vakur Versan

Vakur Versan was a Turkish jurist and professor of administrative law at İstanbul University. He... more »

Val A. Browning

Valmore Allen Browning was an American industrialist, philanthropist and third generation gun... more »

Val Andrews

Val Andrews was the manager for the Dublin Minor Football Team for the 2010 championship... more »

Val Andrews

Val Andrews was a music hall artist, ventriloquist and writer. Andrews was born in Hove, Sussex,... more »

Val Belmonte

Val Belmonte is an American former ice hockey coach, player and executive. He has also served as... more »

Val Doube

Valentine Joseph "Val" Doube was an Australian politician. Born in Brighton to hat maker Francis... more »

Val Forgett

Val J. Forgett, Jr., Founder of Navy Arms Company, Inc. and internationally recognized as the... more »

Val Golding

Val J. Golding founded Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange in February 1978 with fellow... more »

Val Hale

Val Hale was the Athletic Director of Brigham Young University from 1999-2004. Hale was raised... more »

Val Kobe

Val Kobe is the child of the athlete Primoz Kobe. more »

Val Manahan

Val Manahan was the brother of Anna Manahan. more »

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