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Val McCalla

Val McCalla is best known as the founder of The Voice, a British weekly newspaper aimed at the... more »

Val O'Donovan

Michael Valentine O'Donovan, CM was a Canadian businessman and Chancellor of the University of... more »

Val Page

Valentine Page was a British motorcycle designer born in 1892. Described as Britain's greatest... more »

Val Pinchbeck

Valjean A. Pinchbeck was an American football executive on both the college and professional level. more »

Val Puccio

Valentino "Val" Puccio was a professional wrestler. more »

Val Torres Jr.

Val Torres Jr. is the husband of Lynsi Martinez. more »

Valagamba of Anuradhapura

Valagamba, also known as Vattagamani Abhaya and Valagambahu, was a king of the Anuradhapura... more »

Valbjörn Þorláksson

Valbjörn Thorlaksson was an Icelandic track and field athlete who competed in the decathlon and... more »

Valdas Kazlauskas

Valdas Kazlauskas is a retired male racewalker and athletics coach from Lithuania. He competed... more »

Valdecir Alves de Lima

Valdecir Alves de Lima is the father of football player Lima. more »

Valdema Triepcke

Valdema Triepcke is the brother of Marie Triepcke Krøyer Alfvén. more »

Valdemar Aguirre Cordova

Valdemar Aguirre Cordova was a United States federal judge. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Cordova... more »

Valdemar III, Duke of Schleswig

Valdemar III Abelsøn was Duke of Schleswig from 1253 until his death in 1257. He was the eldest... more »

Valdemar IV, Duke of Schleswig

Valdemar IV Eriksøn was Duke of Schleswig from 1283 until his death in 1312. He was the eldest... more »

Valdemar Jiruš

Valdemar Jiruš is a Czech professional ice hockey player. He plays defenceman for BK Mladá... more »

Valdemar Rørdam

Valdemar Rørdam was a Danish national conservative poet and author. His most famous poem... more »

Valdemar Swarz

Valdemar Swarz was the biological father of Anneli Sauli. more »

Valdemar Tomaševski

Valdemar Tomaševski, rendered in Polish orthography as Waldemar Tomaszewski, is a Lithuanian... more »

Valdimar Bergstað

Valdimar Bergstað is an Icelandic equestrian. He has been riding since he was three years old,... more »

Valdir Dos Santos

Valdir Dos Santos is the father of Gabriel Dos Santos. more »

Valdis Mintals

Valdis Mintals is an Estonian pair skater. With partner Ekaterina Nekrassova, he is a multiple... more »

Valdo Spini

Valdo Spini is an Italian politician and author. A long-time member of the Italian Socialist... more »

Valens Comyn

Valens Comyn was an English merchant and administrator and politician who sat in the House of... more »

Valentí Guardiola

Valentí Guardiola is the father of Pep Guardiola. more »

Valentí Marín

Valentí Marín i Llovet was a Catalan notary, chess writer and player. He was in the Spanish team... more »

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