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Xavier Capdevila Romero

Xavier "Xavi" Capdevila Romero from Escaldes-Engordany is an Andorran ski mountaineer. Capdevila... more »

Xavier Coller i Porta

Xavier Coller i Porta is a sociologist and journalist. He was born in Valencia, Spain. He got... more »

Xavier Comas Guixé

Xavier "Xavi" Comas Guixé is an Andorran ski mountaineer. Comas started ski mountaineering in... more »

Xavier Cortés Rocha

Xavier Cortés Rocha is a Mexican architect and urban planner. He was also rector of the... more »

Xavier De Cuyper

Xavier De Cuyper is a Belgian agricultural engineer and civil servant. He is General... more »

Xavier de La Chevalerie

Marie-Emile Xavier Daufresne de La Chevalerie was a French diplomat. From 1967 to 1969 he served... more »

Xavier Delamare

Xavier Delamare is the former regional leader of Scientology for the South Eastern portion of... more »

Xavier Draven

Xavier Draven is the son of A.J. Draven and Stephanie Lemelin. more »

Xavier Dupré

Xavier Dupré is a typeface designer born in Aubenas, France in 1977. Dupré is notable for the... more »

Xavier Ehrenbert Fridelli

Xavier Ehrenbert Fridelli was an Austrian Jesuit missionary and cartographer in China. more »

Xavier Fagnon

Xavier Fagnon is a French voice actor who specializes in dubbing. more »

Xavier Fernique

Xavier Fernique is a mathematician, noted mostly for his contributions to the theory of... more »

Xavier Garbajosa

Xavier Garbajosa is a retired French rugby player. Garbajosa was born on 5 December 1976 in... more »

Xavier Giocanti

Xavier Giocanti is the partner of Christine Lagarde. more »

Xavier Hufkens

Xavier Hufkens is one of Europe’s leading galleries for contemporary art. Located in Brussels,... more »

Xavier Koodopuzha

Rev.Fr.Dr.Xavier Koodopuzha Professor Emeritus of Paurastya Vidhya Peedam was born on 28. 2... more »

Xavier Kuhn

Xavier Kuhn is a French freestyle skier. He represents France at the 2010 Winter Olympics in... more »

Xavier Le Floch

Xavier Le Floch is a French triathlete. Le Floch won his first World Championships medal at the... more »

Xavier Ledraoullec

Xavier Ledraoullec is a paralympic athlete from France competing mainly in category T44 sprints... more »

Xavier Leitl

Xavier Leitl was a West German bobsledder who competed in the early 1950s. He won a gold medal... more »

Xavier Mabille

Xavier Mabille was a Belgian historian and political scientist. He is a former president of the... more »

Xavier McDermott

Xavier McDermott is the son of Paul McDermott. more »

Xavier Montelongo

Xavier Montelongo is an undefeated Mexican American professional boxer in the Lightweight division. more »

Xavier Moss

Xavier Moss is the father of Jeffry Moss. more »

Xavier Moyssén Echeverría

Xavier Moyssén Echeverría, was a Mexican art historian. more »

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