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Xeniades was the name of two people from Corinth who lived in the time of Ancient Greece: ⁕A... more »


Xenoetas was an Achaean in the service of the Seleucid king Antiochus the Great; he was... more »


Xenophilus of Chalcidice, was a Pythagorean philosopher and musician, who lived in the first... more »

Xenophon Hicks

Xenophon Hicks was a United States federal judge. Born in Clinton, Tennessee, Hicks received an... more »

Xenophon Kyriakou

Xenophon Kyriakou is the son of Minos Kyriakou. more »

Xerxes Byram Avari

Xerxes Byram Avari is a Pakistani competitor in sailing at the Asian Games. He is the son of... more »

Xerxes of Armenia

Xerxes. He succeeded his father Arsames I to rule both Sophene and Commagene in 228 BC, his... more »

Xesús Ferro Ruibal

Xesús Ferro Ruibal is a theologian, Latinist and writer from Galicia. He is a member of the Real... more »

Xhavit Bajrami

Xhavit Bajrami is an Albanian-Swiss kickboxer who competes in the heavyweight division. A Seido... more »

Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri

Xhavit Shyqyri Demneri was an Albanian football hero. He was born in 1919 and died in 1996... more »

Xhelal Deliallisi

Xhelal Deliallisi was a 19th century Albanian politician. He was one of the signatories of the... more »

Xhemal Naipi

Xhemal Naipi was an Albanian politician. He served as Chairman of the National Council of... more »

Xhemil Dino

Xhemil Dino was an Albanian politician and diplomat. He was born in Preveza in the 1880s to a... more »

Xhevdet Picari

Xhevdet Picari was an Albanian military figure from Gjirokastër. He was a commander during the... more »

Xi Enting

Xi Enting is a male former table tennis player from China. From 1972 to 1975 he won several... more »

Xi Yuanping

习远平,陕西富平县人,中共元老习仲勋次子,即习近平的弟弟,为澳洲永久居民。现任国际节能环保协会会长。 more »

Xi Zezong

simplified Chinese: 席泽宗; traditional Chinese: 席澤宗; pinyin: Xí Zézōng Xi Zezong was a Chinese... more »

Xi Zhang

Xi Zhang is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Denver. more »

Xi-Cheng Zhang

Xi-Cheng Zhang, is a Chinese-American Physicist. He was born in the People's Republic of China... more »

Xia Dong

Xia Dong is a Paralympic athlete from China. He competes in throwing events in the F37... more »

Xia Minghan

Xia Minghan(夏明翰) was an early leader of the Chinese revolution, revolution martyr, and a pioneer... more »

Xia Nai

Xia Nai was a pioneering Chinese archaeologist. He was born in Wenzhou, southern Zhejiang... more »

Xia Shuwen

Xia Shuwen; Date of birth unknown, was a Chinese painter during the early Ming Dynasty. Little... more »

Xia Suchu

Xia Suchu was a politician in the Republic of China. He was an important politician during the... more »

Xia Xiao Wan

Xia Xiaowan is a painter. more »

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