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Xiao Zuoxin

Xiao Zuoxin is a former mayor of Fuyang, Anhui, China. He and his wife were convicted of... more »


Xiāo’áo was from 763 to 758 BC the monarch of the state of Chu during the early Spring and... more »

Xiao-bin Chaozhu

Xiao-bin Chaozhu is son of Ji Chaozhu. more »

Xiaobing Shuai

Xiaobing Shuai, Ph.D. is an economist. Currently, Dr. Shuai serves as Senior Economist for... more »

Xiaohui Fan

Xiaohui Fan is an American astronomer, and professor at University of Arizona. He graduated from... more »

Xiaoming Wang

Xiaoming Wang is a noted vertebrate paleontologist and geologist born in People's Republic of... more »


, also known as Samshasha, is a veteran Hong Kong gay right activist and one of the first... more »

Xiaotan Chaozhu

Xiaotan Chaozhu is son of Jin Chaozhu. more »

Xiaoyu Wu

Xiaoyu Wu is the son of Xiubo Wu. more »

Xie Ai

Xie Ai was a general for the Chinese state Former Liang who served under Zhang Chonghua. Xie Ai... more »

Xie Chaojie

Xie Chaojie is a male former table tennis player from China. From 1989 to 1993 he won several... more »

Xie Fei

Xiè Fēi was a Jie state Later Zhao scholar who occupied a position as Head of the Healing... more »

Xie He

Xie He was a Chinese writer, art historian and critic of the Liu Song and Southern Qi... more »

Xie He

Xie He is a Chinese professional Go player. Xie He was born in Qingdao, China. He started... more »

Xie Jing

Xie Jing was a military general of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese... more »

Xie Junmin

Xie Junmin is a male Chinese water polo player who was part of the gold medal winning team at... more »

Xie of Xia

Xie was the 10th ruler of the semi-legendary Xia Dynasty, son of Mang of Xia. He possibly ruled... more »

Xie Saike

Xie Saike is a male former table tennis player from China. He was the 1981 World Champion in... more »

Xie Shiguang

Xie Shiguang was a bishop of People's Republic of China's underground Roman Catholic Church. Xie... more »

Xie Tiao

Xie Tiao his style name is Xuan Hui. Xie Tiao was born in Yangjia. He was one of the foremost... more »

Xie Wanjun

Xie Wanjun a political activist that fled to the United States. He is currently the chairman of... more »

Xie Zhenhua

Xie Zhenhua is a vice chairman in China's top economic development body; National Development... more »


Xilomantzin was the tlatoani of the pre-Columbian altepetl of Culhuacan in the Valley of Mexico... more »

Xin Pi

Xin Pi, style name Zuozhi, was a politician in the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms... more »

Xin-She Yang

Xin-She Yang is a Senior Research Scientist at National Physical Laboratory, best known as a... more »

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