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Zalman Moishe HaYitzchaki

Shneur Zalman Moishe HaYitzchoki, usually known familiarly as Reb Zalman Moishe, was an Orthodox... more »

Zalman Nechemia Goldberg

Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg is a rabbi, posek, and Rosh Yeshiva in Israel. The scion of a... more »

Zalman Shmotkin

Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin is a spokesman, and director of Public Relations for the Chabad-Lubavitch... more »

Zalman Shragai

Shlomo Zalman Shragai was an Israeli politician and Jerusalem's first elected mayor. Shragai was... more »

Zalman Sorotzkin

Zalman Sorotzkin, also known as the Lutzker Rav, was a famous Orthodox rabbi who served as the... more »

Zalmay A. Gulzad

Prof. Dr. Zalmay A. Gulzad is Professor of Social Sciences at Harold Washington Community... more »

Zalmond Franklin

Zalmond David Franklin or Salmond Franklin was a Communist Party of the United States member and... more »

Zam'a ibn Qayyis

Zam'a ibn Qayyis is the father of Prophet Muhammad's wife Sawda bint Zamʿa. more »

Zaman Hachemi

Zaman Hachemi is the husband of Charlotte de Turckheim. more »

Zaman Molla

Zaman Molla is an Iranian National Team table tennis player. Zaman Molla played his first game... more »

Zameer Choudrey

Zameer Choudrey is the Chief Executive of Bestway Group. Bestway Group is among the top ten... more »

Zameer Sattaur

Zameer Ikraam Sattaur is an Islamic scholar who was the former Imam of Masjid Al-Abdin of... more »

Zamindaar Babu Trilok Nath

Zamindaar Babu Trilok Nath was a royal prince from the princely state of British India. He was... more »

Zamir Ali Badayuni

Zamir Ali Badayuni was a well-known critic and broadcaster on the Karachi literary scene in... more »

Zamir Cohen

Rabbi Zamir Cohen, is the chairman of Hidabroot organization and the producer of the first... more »

Zamir Gotta

Iazamir "Zamir" Gotta is a Russian producer and broadcaster. He is best known as the traveling... more »

Zamounde S. Allie Jr.

Zamounde S. Allie, Jr., is an American poet from Detroit, Michigan. more »

Zamudas of Jerusalem

Zamudas of Jerusalem was the thirty-seventh patriarch of Jerusalem. His patriarchate lasted from... more »

Zamudin Guchev

Zamudin Guchev is a Circassian craftsman and musician. Currently live in the Republic of Adygea... more »

Zamzani Abdul Wahab

Zamzani Abdul Wahab, popularly known as Chef Zam is a Malaysian celebrity chef. He is currently... more »

Zan Ganassa

Zan Ganassa was the stage name of an early actor-manager of commedia dell'arte, whose company... more »

Zan Stewart

Zan Stewart is an American jazz writer, musician and former disc jockey. more »

Zanandré Avancini

Zanandré Avancini is the ex-husband of Elisa Lucinda. more »

Zander Jace Martin

Zander Jace Martin is the son of Billy Martin. more »

Zander Tate

Zander Tate is the son of Tomasina Parrott and Larenz Tate. more »

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