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Zarkasih was the leader of Jemaah Islamiah, a South East Asian militant group, from 2004 until... more »


Žarko was a 14th-century Serbian nobleman who after the death of Serbian Emperor Dušan the... more »

Zarko Baseski

Zarko Baseski is a Macedonian sculptor. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje... more »

Žarko Domljan

Žarko Domljan was the first Speaker of the Croatian Parliament. He served in this position from... more »

Žarko Kisić

Žarko Kisić is a Bosnian volleyball player, currently playing for OK Partizan Belgrade. His... more »

Žarko Puhovski

Žarko Puhovski is a Croatian professor, political analyst, philosopher and intellectual, former... more »

Žarko Vekić

Žarko Vekić is a Serbian sprint canoer who competed as an Independent Olympic Participant at the... more »

Žarko Zrenjanin

Žarko Zrenjanin "Uča" was a partisan and National Hero of Yugoslavia. The city of Zrenjanin, in... more »

Žarko Đurović

Žarko Đurović is a Serbian football manager and former player. In winter break of the 2010-11... more »

Zarrar Shah

Zarrar Shah is one of Lashkar-e-Taiba's primary liaisons to the ISI and its communications... more »

Zaryn Dentzel

Zaryn Dentzel is the founder and CEO of Tuenti, Spain's largest 'invite-only' social network... more »


Zasetsky is the pseudonym of a patient who was treated by Russian neuropsychologist Alexander... more »

Zautbek Turisbekov

Zautbek Kausbekovich Turisbekov is a Kazakh diplomat and the current Ambassador of Kazakhstan to... more »

Zaven I

Zaven I was a catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church. He reigned from 377 to 381 AD and... more »

Zaven Paré

Zaven Paré is a French new media artist who was born in 1961. more »


Zavida or Beli Uroš was a 12th-century Serbian royal member who briefly ruled as Župan of... more »

Zavier Williams

Zavier Williams is the brother of basketball player Aubrey Williams. more »

Zaw Htet Ko Ko

Zaw Htet Ko Ko is a Burmese political activist. In 2008, he was sentenced an 11-year prison... more »

Zawisza Czerwony

Zawisza Czerwony aka Zawisza Oleśnicki was a Polish medieval nobleman and knight, courtier to... more »

Zay Harding

Zavan Kerr "Zay" Harding is an American television personality and actor, who may be best known... more »

Zay Horton

Zay Horton is the brother of Chris Horton. more »

Zayar Thaw

Zayar Thaw; born Kyaw Kyaw is a Burmese politician and hip-hop artist who was detained for the... more »

Zayd Abu Zayd

Zayd Abu Zayd was the last Almohad governor of Valencia, Spain. He succeeded as governor of... more »

Zayd al-Khayr

Zayd al-Khayr was a noted, significant companion of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Hailing from... more »

Zayd ibn al-Khattab

Zayd ibn al-Khattab was a sahaba of Muhammad and the brother of the second Caliph Umar ibn... more »

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