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Zdravko Markov

Zdravko Markov is the son of Albena Pavlova and Emil Markov. more »

Zdravko Tolimir

Zdravko Tolimir is a Bosnian Serb who was a commander in the Army of Republika Srpska during the... more »

Zdzislaw Fyrstenberg

Zdzislaw Fyrstenberg is the father of Polish professional tennis player Mariusz Fyrstenberg. more »

Zdzislaw Kotla

Zdzislaw Kotla was a Polish Olympic sailor. He was the brother of Ryszard Kotla. more »

Zdzislaw Kusmieruk

Zdzislaw Kusmieruk is the father of Jakub Kusmieruk. more »

Zdzisław Chmielewski

Zdzisław Chmielewski is a Polish historian, rector of Szczecin University, member of the... more »

Zdzisław Konieczny

Zdzisław Konieczny is a Polish historian specializing in the issue of Polish-Ukrainian... more »

Zdzisław Kwaśniewski

Zdzisław Kwaśniewski is the father of the former President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski. more »

Zdzisław Kwaśny

Zdzisław Kwaśny is a retired hammer thrower from Poland, who is best known for winning the... more »

Zdzisław Macierewicz

Zdzisław Macierewicz was the father of Antoni Macierewicz. more »

Zdzisław Marchwicki

Zdzisław Marchwicki called the "Zagłębie vampire", was a Polish serial killer. He was born in... more »

Zdzisław Najder

Zdzisław Najder is a Polish literary historian, critic and political activist. He is primarily... more »

Zdzisław Seweryn

Zdzisław Seweryn is the father of Andrzej Seweryn. more »

Zdzisław Siuda

Zdzisław Siuda was a Polish luger who competed in the early 1960s. He won a bronze medal in the... more »

Zdzisław Sobora

Zdzisław Sobora is a retired Polish triple jumper. He finished fourth at the 1977 European... more »

Zdzisław Żurawski

Colonel Zdzisław Żurawski is a Polish Army officer. Colonel Żurawski was commander of the... more »

Zdzisław Żygulski, Jr.

Zdzisław Żygulski is a Polish art historian and professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków,... more »

Ze Carlos Coutinho

Ze Carlos Coutinho is the father of Philippe Coutinho. more »

Zé Carlos de Melo e Silva

Zé Carlos de Melo e Silva is the father of football player Fellype Gabriel de Melo e Silva. more »

Ze'ev Herzog

Ze’ev Herzog is an Israeli archeologist, professor of archaeology at The Department of... more »

Ze'ev Iviansky

Ze'ev Iviansky is a former lecturer at the department of General History and Russian Studies of... more »

Ze'ev Maghen

Ze'ev Maghen is the Chair of The Department of Middle Eastern History at Bar-Ilan University in... more »

Ze'ev Schiff

Ze'ev Schiff was an Israeli journalist and military correspondent for Ha'aretz. Schiff moved to... more »

Ze'ev Segal

Ze'ev Segal was an Israeli lawyer, a professor of law at Tel Aviv University and a legal analyst... more »

Ze'ev Smason

Rabbi Smason was born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles. Rabbi Ze'ev Smason is the spiritual... more »

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