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Ze'ev Wolf Kitzes

Ze'ev Wolf Kitzes was a noted Hassidic rabbi. He was the rabbi of the Tulchin community. Later... more »

Ze'ev Zrizi

Ze'ev Zrizi, Hebrew: זאב זריזי‎ was the second mayor of the Israeli city of Beer-Sheva. Ze'ev... more »

Zealand David Gonzalez

Zealand David Gonzalez is the son of Jaci Velasquez. more »

Zeb Esselstyn

Zeb Esselstyn is the son of Caldwell Esselstyn. more »

Zeb Khan

Zeb Khan is an Indian television actor. His most prominent roles to date have been the positive... more »

Zebah and Zalmunna

Zebah and Zalmunna were the two kings who led the vast host of the Midianites who invaded the... more »

Zebastian Modin

Zebastian Modin is a Swedish cross-country skier, biathlete and Paralympian. He compete in... more »


Zebedee, according to all four Canonical gospels, was the father of James and John, two... more »

Zebedeo John Opore

Zebedeo John Opore is a Kenyan politician. He was elected to represent the Bonchari Constituency... more »

Zebulon Aiton Lash

Zebulon Aiton Lash was a Canadian lawyer, civil servant, and businessman. Born in St. John's,... more »

Zebulon Crocker

Zebulon Crocker was a Congregationalist pastor and educator. He is best known for his published... more »

Zebulon Dread

Elliot Josephs, better known as Zebulon Dread, is a South African cultural icon and writer. He... more »

Zebulon Jeremiah Bogue

Zebulon Jeremiah Bogue is the son of Robert Bogue. more »


Zebulun or Zevulun ben Isaac was a Jewish Turkic ruler of the Khazars mentioned in the Khazar... more »


Zebulun was, according to the Books of Genesis and Numbers, the sixth son of Jacob and Leah, and... more »

Zeca Cochrane

Zeca Cochrane was the husband of Marília Gabriela. more »

Zeca Schall

Zeca Schall is an Angolan-German politician and Christian Democratic Union member in Thuringia. more »

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin was an Azerbaijani-born American author of books proposing an explanation for... more »

Zechariah Bryld

Zechariah Bryld is the son of Naja Marie Aidt and Eigil Bryld. more »

Zechariah Green

Zachariah Richard Green was a renowned philanthropist and healer. He was born in Hucknall,... more »

Zechariah Mendel ben Aryeh Leib

Zechariah Mendel ben Aryeh Leib was a Galician and German preacher and scholar born at Podhaice... more »

Zechariah Mendel ben Aryeh Leib of Cracow

Zechariah Mendel ben Aryeh Leib was a Polish Talmudist, native of Cracow, and in later life... more »

Zed S. Stanton

Zedekiah Silloway Stanton was an attorney and judge who served as Lieutenant Governor of Vermont... more »

Zed Shaw

Zed A. Shaw is a software developer most commonly known for creating the Mongrel web server for... more »


Zedekiah was the High Priest of Solomon's Temple that succeeded Pediah. According to Josephus... more »

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