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Zedekiah ben Abraham Anaw

Zedekiah ben Abraham Anaw was an author of Jewish ritualistic works and younger brother of... more »

Zeek Afridi

Zeek Afridi is a Pashtun singer from Pakistan. Afridi comes from the tribal area of Tirah. His... more »


Zee Kay is an English singer, songwriter and performer of Pakistani and Afghan descent. more »

Zeeshan Anis Siddiqui

Zeeshan Siddiqui is a citizen of the United Kingdom, who was apprehended in Pakistan after he... more »

Zeeshan Siddiqi

Zeeshan Siddiqi is a Canadian cricketer who plays for the Canada national cricket team and has... more »

Zeev Ben-Zvi

Zeev Ben-Zvi was an Israeli sculptor born in Ryki, Poland, whose work influenced a generation of... more »

Zeev Maoz

Ze'ev Maoz is a professor of Political Science and Director of the Correlates of War Project at... more »

Zeev Rosenstein

Zeev Rosenstein is an infamous Israeli mob boss and drug trafficker. Rosenstein was born to a... more »

Zef Çoba

Zef Çoba, completed his studies of choral conducting, near Art Academy in Tirana, in 1974. After... more »

Zef Gashi

Zef Gashi is an ethnic Albanian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church in Montenegro. He is the... more »

Zefferino Tomè

Zefferino Tomè was an Italian lawyer and politician. Born at Casarsa della Delizia, he was a... more »

Zeid Heidar

Zeid Heidar est un homme politique syrien, de confession musulmane. Né en Syrie, au milieu des... more »

Zeinolabedin Mahallati

Zeinolabedin Mahallati or Zayn al-Abidin ibn Muhammad ibn Ali al-Mahallati an eminent Persian... more »


Zeionises was an Indo-Scythian satrap of the area of southern Chach for king Azes II. He then... more »

Zek Sopoaga

Zek Sopoaga is a brother of rugby league footballer Tupou Sopoaga. more »

Zekai Tunca

Zekai Tunca,. Türk sanat müziği sanatçısı. 1963'de Ankara Erkek Teknik Yüksek Öğretmen Okulu'na... more »

Zeke Edward Battier

Zeke Edward Battier is the son of Shane Battier. more »

Zeke Sanborn

Zeke Sanborn was a member of the rowing team for the United States at the 1920 Summer Olympics... more »

Zeke Seligsohn

Zeke Seligsohn is the husband of Joy Seligsohn more »

Zeke Sinicola

Emilio "Zeke" Sinicola was an American basketball player. He played on the collegiate level at... more »

Zeke Steggall

Zeke Steggall is a former Australian Olympic snowboarder. He competed at the 1998 and 2002... more »

Zeki Aköz

Zeki Aköz is the husband of Sibel Alaş. more »

Zeki Çatlı

Zeki Çatlı is the brother of Abdullah Çatlı. more »


Zelada was the husband of Hilda Bernard. more »

Zelig Farberman

Zelig Farberman is the father of Leo Farberman. more »

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