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Zachariah Satriani

Zachariah Satriani is the son of Joe Satriani. more »

Zachariah Simmons

Zachariah Simmons was an underworld figure involved in running policy games in New York during... more »

Zachariah Talton

Zachariah Talton is the brother of Xavier Talton. more »

Zachariah the Recluse

Venerable Zachariah the Recluse of Egypt was called to aid society's outcast. He served the... more »

Zacharias Barbitsiotis

Zacharias Pentalakos, nicknamed Barbitsiotis but more commonly known as kapetan Zacharias was a... more »

Zacharias Blyhooft

Zacharias Blijhooft, was a Dutch painter, of whom but little is known; he lived in Middelburg... more »

Zacharias Calliergi

Zacharias Calliergi was a Greek Renaissance humanist and scholar. He was born in Crete but... more »

Zacharias Chrysopolitanus

Zacharias Chrysopolitanus, also known as Zachary of Besançon, was from Besançon and died about... more »

Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach

Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach was a German scholar, bibliophile, book-collector, traveller,... more »

Zacharias Dean Kane

Zacharias Dean Kane is the son of DeAnna Kane and Michael Kane. more »

Zacharias Dolendo

Zacharias Dolendo was a brother of Bartholomeus Dolendo, whom he surpassed both in style and in... more »

Zacharias Heinesen

Zacharias Heinesen is a Faroese landscape painter. He is the son of the writer William... more »

Zacharias I of Makuria

Zacharias I was a ruler of the Nubian kingdom of Makuria. According to Severus of El Ashmunein,... more »

Zacharias III of Makuria

Zacharias III was ruler of the Nubian kingdom of Makuria. In 833 he ceased paying the Baqt to... more »

Zacharias Longuelune

Zacharias Longuelune was a French architect and master builder who worked in the second half of... more »

Zacharias Mellebye

Zacharias Mellebye was a Norwegian farmer and politician. He was born in Skjeberg. He... more »

Zacharias Mor Philoxenos

Metropolitan Zacharias Mor Philoxinos, formerly Therambil Achan, is a Syriac Orthodox bishop of... more »

Zacharias Papantoniou

Zacharias Papantoniou was a Greek writer. He was born in Karpenissi of Evrytania in February... more »

Zacharias Rhetor

Zacharias of Mytilene, also known as Zacharias Scholasticus or Zacharias Rhetor, was a bishop... more »

Zacharie Gahutu

Zacharie Gahutu is a Burundian diplomat. He was appointed as Burundi's Permanent Representative... more »

Zacharie Perevet

Zacharie Perevet is a Cameroonian politician, currently serving in the government of Cameroon as... more »

Zachary "Skeeter" Reece

Skeeter Reece is a clown/unicyclist from the Bronx, NY who began his performing career with the... more »

Zachary Adam Chesser

Zachary Adam Chesser is an American citizen who became interested in Islam in high school in... more »

Zachary Adkins

Zachary Adkins is the brother of Seth Adkins. more »

Zachary Babington

Zachary Babington, High Sheriff of Staffordshire in 1713 and 1724, was a barrister. He was the... more »

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