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Chako Abeno

Chako Abeno is a female Japanese illustrator and manga artist. She publishes dōjinshi with the... more »

Chezhina Svetlana

Chezhina Svetlana, born January 12, 1985, is the first manga artist from Kazakhstan. She works... more »

Chiaki Kawamata

Chiaki Kawamata is a Japanese science fiction writer and critic. Chiaki Kawamata has won both... more »

Chie Shinohara

Chie Shinohara is an award winning Japanese manga artist best known for Red River, known in... more »

Chiho Saito

Chiho Saito is a Japanese manga artist, most noted for the manga Revolutionary Girl Utena. In... more »

Chisato Nakamura

Chisato Nakamura is a mangaka. more »

Chitose Maki

Chitose Maki is a female Japanese manga artist from Chiba, Japan. She is noteworthy as the... more »

Chitose Yagami

Chitose Yagami is a Japanese manga artist. She made her professional manga debut in 2001 with... more »

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