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El Cordobés

Manuel Benítez Pérez, more commonly known as El Cordobés, is a famous matador of the 1960s who... more »

El Fandi

El Fandi is statistically one of the most skilled matadors in the world. Currently, he is ranked... more »

Eloy Cavazos

Eloy Cavazos was one of Mexico's top Matador's. He was also known as "The Little Giant" and "The... more »

Emilio Muñoz

Emilio Muñoz is a Spanish film actor and bullfighter. more »

Enrique Ponce

Alfonso Enrique Ponce Martínez Chiva, Valencia, Spain, also known as Enrique Ponce, is a famous... more »

Enrique Robles

Enrique Robles of Madrid, Spain, also known as Chicorrito was a champion torero in Mexico and in... more »