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Andrzej Trybulec

Andrzej Wojciech Trybulec, was a Polish mathematician and computer scientist, at the University... more »

Andy Liu

Andrew Chiang-Fung Liu is a Canadian mathematician and a Canadian Mathematical Educator. He is a... more »

Andy Loo

Andy Loo is a Hong Kong student who is a successful participant of the International Science... more »

Angelo Genocchi

Angelo Genocchi was an Italian mathematician who specialized in number theory. He worked with... more »

Angus E. Taylor

Angus Ellis Taylor was a mathematician and professor at various universities in the University... more »

Angus Macintyre

Angus John Macintyre is a British mathematician known for his contributions to Model theory and... more »

Anil Nerode

Anil Nerode is an American mathematician. He received his undergraduate education and a Ph.D. in... more »

Anna Johnson Pell Wheeler

Anna Johnson Pell Wheeler was an American mathematician. She is best known for early work on... more »

Anna Nagurney

Anna Nagurney is a Ukrainian-American mathematician, economist, educator and author in the field... more »

Annamalai Ramanathan

Annamalai Ramanathan was an Indian mathematician who worked in the field of algebraic geometry,... more »

Anne Jacob Kox

A. J. Kox is a researcher at Institute for Theoretical Physics and holds the Pieter Zeeman Chair... more »

Anne Sjerp Troelstra

Anne Sjerp Troelstra is Emeritus professor of pure mathematics and foundations of mathematics at... more »

Annette Huber-Klawitter

Annette Huber-Klawitter is a German mathematician at the University of Freiburg. Her research... more »

Annette Zippelius

Annette Zippelius is a German physicist at the University of Göttingen. In 1998 she shared a... more »

Annie Dale Biddle Andrews

Annie Dale Biddle Andrews, born in Hanford, California to Samuel E. Biddle and A. A. Biddle, was... more »

Annie Easley

Annie J. Easley was an African-American computer scientist, mathematician, and rocket scientist... more »

Annie Scott Dill Maunder

Annie Scott Dill Maunder, née Russell was an Irish astronomer and mathematician. more »

Anselme Payen

Anselme Payen was a French chemist known for discovering the enzyme diastase, and the... more »

Antanas Baranauskas

Antanas Baranauskas was a Lithuanian poet, mathematician and a catholic bishop of Sejny... more »

Antanas Mockus

Aurelijus Rūtenis Antanas Mockus Šivickas is a Colombian mathematician, philosopher, and... more »

Anthemius of Tralles

Anthemius of Tralles was a Greek professor of Geometry in Constantinople and architect, who... more »

Anthony W. Knapp

Anthony W. Knapp is a mathematician at the US State University of New York, Stony Brook working... more »


Antiphon the Sophist lived in Athens probably in the last two decades of the 5th century BC... more »

Antoine Arnauld

Antoine Arnauld — le Grand as contemporaries called him, to distinguish him from his father —... more »

Antoine Augustin Cournot

Antoine Augustin Cournot was a French philosopher and mathematician. more »

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