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Carlos Conca

Carlos Conca is a Chilean applied mathematician, engineer and scientist. He is the first Chilean... more »

Carlos J. Moreno

Carlos Julio Moreno is a Colombian mathematician and faculty member at Baruch College and at the... more »

Carolyn S. Gordon

Carolyn S. Gordon is a mathematician and professor of mathematics at Dartmouth College since... more »

Carpus of Antioch

Carpus of Antioch was an ancient Greek mathematician. It is not certain when he lived; he may... more »

Carsten Niebuhr

Carsten Niebuhr or Karsten Niebuhr a German mathematician, cartographer, and explorer in the... more »

Carsten Thomassen

Carsten Thomassen is a Danish mathematician. He has been a Professor of Mathematics at the... more »

Caryn Navy

Caryn Linda Navy is an American mathematician and computer scientist. Blind since childhood, she... more »

Caspar Isenkrahe

Mathias Caspar Hubert Isenkrahe was a German mathematician, physicist and catholic philosopher... more »

Caspar Wessel

Caspar Wessel was a Norwegian-Danish mathematician and cartographer. In 1799, Wessel was the... more »

Cassius Jackson Keyser

Cassius Jackson Keyser was an American mathematician of pronounced philosophical inclinations. more »

Cathleen Synge Morawetz

Cathleen Synge Morawetz is a mathematician. Morawetz's research was mainly in the study of the... more »

Cato Maximilian Guldberg

Cato Maximilian Guldberg was a Norwegian mathematician and chemist. more »

Cecil J. Nesbitt

Cecil James Nesbitt, Ph.D., F.S.A., M.A.A.A. was a mathematician who was a Ph.D. student of... more »

Cecilia Krieger

Cypra Cecilia Krieger-Dunaij was an Austro-Hungarian-born mathematician of Jewish ancestry who... more »

Cecilia R. Aragon

Cecilia R. Aragon is an American computer scientist, professor, and champion aerobatic pilot. In... more »

Cedric Smith

Cedric Austen Bardell Smith was a British statistician and geneticist. Smith was born in... more »

Cédric Villani

Cédric Villani is a French mathematician working primarily on partial differential equations and... more »

Celia Grillo Borromeo

Clelia Grillo Borromeo Arese or Celia Grillo Borromeo was an Italian mathematician and... more »

Cem Yıldırım

Cem Yalçın Yıldırım is a Turkish mathematician who specializes in number theory. He obtained his... more »

Cesare Arzelà

Cesare Arzelà was an Italian mathematician who taught at the University of Bologna and is... more »

Cesare Burali-Forti

Cesare Burali-Forti was an Italian mathematician. He was born in Arezzo, and was an assistant of... more »

Chalermek Intanagonwiwat

Chalermek Intanagonwiwat is a computer scientist best known for his work on directed diffusion... more »

Chandler Davis

Horace Chandler Davis is an American-Canadian mathematician, writer, and educator. He was born... more »

Chandrashekhar Khare

Chandrashekhar B. Khare is a professor of mathematics at the University of California Los... more »

Charalambos D. Aliprantis

Charalambos Dionisios Aliprantis was a Greek-American economist who introduced Banach space and... more »

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